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Hit show will continue to make fans laugh

Alyssa Hohman

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“The Big Bang Theory,” the most watched comedy on television, will continue for an additional two seasons. The show has had audiences laughing for 10 years now, and while most shows lose their steam after seasons 5 or 6, they are still going strong.

It has been fun watching the characters grow and evolve over the years, and audiences will look forward to an additional two years at least. Aside from the fact that the characters have some exaggerated personalities,they can actually be quite relatable, especially in many of the situations they find themselves in. They deal with issues of love, work, family, bullying and everything in between.

The show rarely flirts around difficult topics, but instead attacks them head on. Especiallywhen it comes to the issue of bullying. The show regularly deals with the issue of bullying that comes in all shapes and forms. An interesting take is having the character of Penny (Kaley Cuoco) interacting with the rest of the characters. Penny is a former bully herself. In high school she was the prom queen, a cheerleader, and allof the others were themselves victims of bullying. Over the courseof the show, Penny comes to realize that the way that she used to treat people was wrong. And she grows to not only appreciate the traits in her friends that she once bullied but picks up some of her own little quirks.

One of my favorite aspects of the show is how real it feels. There is dramatizationin some aspects of the show, but any of the things thathappen to the charactersreal people also experience.

None of the couples on the show have an idyllic “perfect” relationship. They all have arguments; struggle to deal with communication, jobs, money, etc. The show demonstrates how a couple does not have to be perfect in order to have a healthy, happyrelationship, but that if they communicate and work through things anything is possible.

The show is not always serious of course. As a situational comedy (sitcom) it provides audiences with plenty of laughs. From Sheldon Cooper’s (Jim Parsons) quirky personality to Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj’s (Kunal Nayyar) hilarious friendship, audiences continue to crack up throughout each and every episode.

“The Big Bang Theory” very much follows the now standard format of a sitcom. Today, many sitcoms do not differ all that much once they are broken down. Each features a similar character line up, runtime and flowof their shows in addition to similar scenarios faced by each character. “Friends” was one of the first sitcoms to run the way it did and it set a precedent that many others have followed. The type of characters, story and the actual structure of the show can be found in other popular shows like “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Big Bang Theory” and many more.

One might expect that after nine years of this show and other shows, there would be a shortage of jokes, yet that is not the case. The witty and playful writing will have fans laughing for years tocome. The lovable cast and memorable characters will keep drawing in new audiences.

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The independent student newspaper of Western Illinois University. Serving Macomb since 1905.
Hit show will continue to make fans laugh