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Genealogical Society looking for submissions

Isaiah Herard

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At the January meeting of the McDonough County Genealogical Society, members voted to sponsor the writing and publishing of a book-length history on McDonough County.

With the history of the county undocumented for over 25 years, the primary focus of the book is family histories. Every McDonough County family will be asked to write a historical sketch of 500 words and submit a photo.

The book will include a general county history, histories of different organizations, businesses, schools, churches, landmarks, memorials and townships.

According to Allen R. Nemec, President of the Genealogical Society and chair of the book committee, the book will prove beneficial for future citizens who wish to research not only McDonough County’s history, but also the history of their family.

“The book will provide a page in history for the family and for the history of businesses and schools and churches in the area,” said Nemec. “Their legacy is also essential. Somebody 100 years from now trying to research who you were or who their family was and maybe a picture of where you lived or a house or a business, it will be published in the book so that somebody researching you years from now will have a record to find you.”

On behalf of the Genealogical Society, Nemec urges each McDonough County family to take advantage of the opportunity to engrave its history in a modern memorial volume of the book.

“The most difficult part of publishing the book is getting people to submit. Sitting down and writing 500 words about who you are and your family, where you came from, what you did as a profession and just getting that into 500 words and submitting it in is the hardest part,” said Nemec. “Unfortunately, people like to procrastinate and we do have deadlines. Our first deadline for submission is May 15 of this year.”

The Genealogical Society believes the book will induce speculation from citizens of the county, further increasing their input in the history book.

“People are interested in history. They kind of want to know what life was like here,” Said Nemec.

“McDonough County started in 1827, so they’re really interested in knowing how the early pioneers that moved to the area started. People will wonder what the square looked like 100 years ago or when Western Illinois University started. With making the history personal to you, people will get to know the struggles of their ancestors and how they came about in the county.”

Acclaim Press, a company that will be assisting the Genealogical Society and county residents throughout the project, will publish the hardbound history book.

“Partnering with Acclaim, publishing company who does this for a living, has certainly made the process of getting this book published easier,” said Nemec. “They publish many different county’s histories, so they have a magnitude of experience in guiding us through this process.

“The book will cost $54.95 but there are several upgrades,” said Nemec. “If you want it leather bound it will cost a little more, or if you want your name and bust on it that’s extra, but the actual book will retail for $54.95.”

More information on the history book along with two sample family histories and other necessary information are being prepared for mass mailing in the near future.

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Genealogical Society looking for submissions