Horn Field offers students opportunities

Robby Barlow

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One mile south of Macomb there is a 92-acre section of Western Illinois University that includes prairie, forests, miles of trails for students and community members to enjoy. side.

Horn Field Campus is a unit of Western’s College of Education and Human Services, which is administered by the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration (RPTA).

It provides a lodge and cabins for hosting events from weddings to retreats. Horn Field Campus offers various activities, such as high ropes, challenge courses, a climbing wall and teambuilding facilitation.

An RPTA graduate assistant at Horn Field Campus, Riley Addington said they try to revolve their campus around Western’s core values.

“Since the campus was established in 1965, a variety of staff members, students and community leaders have worked to facilitate a reverence towards Western’s core values,” Addington said. “The product of those efforts is that at Horn Field we have a truly unique community that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Horn Field Campus was originally built on property owned by the Francis Bacon family as a retreat during the Depression. It was later bought by Macomb businessman Frank J. Horn.

The Campus was originally named Hornlea Lodge until 1965 when Western bought it out. The property was named Frank J. Horn Field Campus due to his generosity.

Addington said Horn Field Campus is popular with many different groups at Western, as well as many community and area groups too.

“Over the course of the semester, Horn Field Campus has been fortunate to have a diverse variety of its resources utilized by close to 50 different organizations, ranging from student organizations, faculty/staff organizations and a variety of community organizations as well,” Addington said. “During the last semester we were able to host a variety of educational groups from Knox College, Monmouth College, Hamilton sixth grade, as well as groups from Macomb High School.”

At Horn Field Campus, organizations are able to participate in a diverse range of programs and activities designed to develop and improve upon group communication, leadership, teamwork and strategic problem-solving techniques.

“One of the most popular opportunities that Horn Field Campus offers is access to our climbing tour and high ropes course,” Addington said. “It provides an exciting setting to engage in personal and group development.”

Addington said Horn Field Campus offers opportunities for students and community members who have an interest in the medical profession and the outdoors. “During each Spring Break, we provide training and education to receive a certification to be a Wilderness First Responder so that participants may address medical emergencies,” Addington said.

If students, staff members or people in the community have an interest in becoming part of the Horn Field Campus community, Addington said there are various ways to do so.

“Students are strongly encouraged to consider reserving the facility for their organizational needs, as it’s our objective to help them develop,” Addington said. “Although, on an individual level, if people want to get involved, the Horn Environmental Learning Project is a student organization that meets at the campus Tuesdays at 6 p.m.”

Horn Field Campus is located at 985 China Road in Macomb. They are open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. For more information, the phone number is (309) 298-4676. visit their website at http://www.wiu.edu/coehs/rpta/ horn_field_campus/.

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