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Rodrigo Lopez

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The College of Fine Arts and Communication is hosting a fundraiser for students from the Western Illinois University Department of Fine Arts to attend the Southern Graphics Council International in Atlanta, Georgia, being held this upcoming spring, which will allow students to attend workshops, present their portfolios for juried exhibition, attend demonstrations and listen to speeches from successful artists.

“Our art department is doing this fundraiser for our students to go to the Southern Graphics Council screen printing workshop,” said Director of Development College of Fine Arts and Communication, Jill Baker. “Our students have gone to an international screen printing workshop for the last three years.”It takes $100 to sponsor an individual student and the donor will receive a portfolio of five limited edition, original silk prints made by current art students. Sponsors will be invited to a reception in March to receive their prints. A total of 33 students will attend the Southern Graphics Council, therefore print portfolios will be limited to the first 33 sponsors.

“Last year we raised a total of $3,200 and we are hoping to raise about that much money this year. Each student who gets to go will do prints for us as well as for the donors. Whoever donates $100 dollars or more will get a set of prints from the students. The prints will be signed by the artists and it is a great way to get original artwork from our art students.”

The screen–printing workshops are held in different locations each year, last year the council was held in Portland, Ore. and this year it will be held in Atlanta Ga. Students who are particularly interested in the art style screen-printing are the ones who attend this event.

“The students that do attend the event will have to pay for their own hotel and the College of Fine Arts and Communication will pay for their registration,” said Baker. “The workshop usually runs for a few days from Wednesday to Sunday. The council will serve to showcase and teach students about screen-printing and celebrate its rich history in the Atlanta area. It will be an invaluable experience for our art students and we try to send students every year to this event.”

Numerous artists and speakers will be attending this event including screen-printing artists such as Lifetime Achievement award recipient Sue Cue, professor emeritus award winner Syd Cross, and Norman Wagner recipient of the excellence in teaching award.

The event will begin with a speech from Camille Russell Love, Executive Director and City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs. The Council will begin on Wednesday March 15, 2017 through Sunday March 19.

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