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“3 mics” A new take on comedy with darker tone

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The comedy special on Netflix “3 Mics” is a new style of comedy. Neil Brennan is the comedian behind the microphones who was growing tired of the monotonous stand-up comedy style that is becoming popular. He came up with this new special, “3 Mics,” to have a more meaningful show that the members ofthe audience will remember.

After watching the comedy special, viewers are quick to see that it is a new and unique show that has a darker sense of humor. The dark, witty humor works since it does not take up the entirety of the Netflixspecial. In fact, the name 3 Mics is significant because the entire structure of Neil Brennan’s act is based around three different microphones on a stage. Each of the three microphones has a different purpose.He goes to each mic when he is delivering either one-liners, “emotional stuff” or stand-up.

The comedy special opens up with Neil Brennan at the far left microphone. There he delivers three one-liners. One of them was, “I’m vegan, but I’m a hypocrite about it. Like … I wear leather … and eat meat.” After the one-liners, the lights go completely black and the audience erupts in applause. While the audience is clapping, the lights come back up and Brennan is now at the far right microphone.

While he is at the far right microphone he begins to deliver your typical stand up comedy. He rips on Netflix, people under 25 and college in under five minutes.

“College prices are ridiculous,” Brennan says. “It’s not like if you go to a community college you are getting better facts from a different school. It’s not like they go, ‘Okay and the Revolutionary War came immediately after the Boston Tea party and for this price that’s all the information we are willing to give you.”

Brennan got the entire live audience roaring with laughter and then moved on to the more unique part of his comedy show.

The middle microphone was the microphone that really stole the show and got “3 Mics” attention on Netflix for being different with that darker style of comedy. At the middle microphone he talks about “Emotional Stuff,” which are short confessional monologues. As soon as the lights come up, he dives in on the hard stuff at the middle mic.

Brennan begins by saying, “I’m depressed. Not like the usual way when you just say, ‘I’m depressed, Kobe retired.’ No, like, I have clinical depression.”

The viewers get drawn into the stories that he tells about his life since it’s so different from the light-hearted jokes he was just making. Yet he is somehow able to talk about these very dark topics and turn them into humorous moments. One of the more memorable moments during the “Emotional Stuff” skit is when a 9-year-old discovers he was taking medicine to help his depression and the child says to him, “So you’re like a cucumber … and you’re trying to be a pickle.” His honesty and vulnerability makes him relatable to the audience as he talks about life as it is.

After watching “3 Mics,” it is very clear to see why it has gotten so much attention. Neil Brennan’s comedy special got great reviews. If you’re into comedy or even touching stories about people’s lives, “3 Mics” is an hour–long special that you cannot miss.

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The independent student newspaper of Western Illinois University. Serving Macomb since 1905.
“3 mics” A new take on comedy with darker tone