Arrest made in child abuse case

Erika Ward

The Macomb Police Department arrested Victor Gallardo, 19, on Feb. 6 on a warrant for aggravated battery of a child.

According to Lt. David Burnham, the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) paid a visit to Gallardo’s home in December on the report of a two-month-old infant with bruising.

Burnham said the infant had multiple bruises on its face, head, body and visible bite marks on the infant’s cheeks. Burnham said Gallardo later admitted to “lightly biting” the infant.

“The mother said she noticed some bruising when she would leave for school and come back,” Burnham said.

Burnham said that there were just two people living in the residence. DCFS then took the infant into protective custody and is currently staying with the father’s parents in Chicago.

“The mother is not being charged, though she did interfere with the arrest,” Burnham said. She did so by trying to get between the arresting officer and Gallardo.

Gallardo’s bond is $20,000, requiring $2,000 to make bail.