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Star Wars: Taking the World by Storm

Alyssa Hohman

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The Star Wars franchise has been extremely popular since the first film came to theaters in 1977. With characters ranging from loveable to comedic relief, Star Wars has it all and it takes place “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”

As of now, there are eight films with two more projected for release in 2017 and 2019. After a 10-year gap, the newest editions to the Star Wars saga were presented to the world. The first being “The Force Awakens,” released in 2015, where fans were introduced to a whole new set of characters and a new reality for the original characters. The film was extremsely popular upon its release and was mostly well received.

At the end of 2016, “Rogue One” came out in theaters and again took the world by storm. This film was truly unlike any other in the saga. Taking place between “III: Revenge of the Sith” and “IV: A New Hope,” it answers so many questions about just what happens in the time between those two films. It introduced an entirely new set of characters, which seemingly does not make sense, yet they manage to explain everything that happens between the third and fourth films of the series.

Early last week the title of the newest addition to the franchise was revealed, and fans all across the globe are going nuts. “The Last Jedi” is a very intriguing and mysterious title that has fans and critics alike questioning exactly what it means, as Jedi can be singular or plural depending on the context of its use.

During the title crawl for “The Force Awakens,” Luke Skywalker is referred to as the last Jedi, and many speculate that perhaps that is all the title means. Yet there are many that wonder if there is a deeper meaning behind the simple title.

Many are curious about whether or not the title refers to one single Jedi or many Jedi and, if there are many, who they may be. One actor, Josh Gad, took it upon himself to ask Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in “The Force Awakens” and upcoming film “The Last Jedi,” all about the title in a video that hasgone viral. With over 87 thousand views on Instagram, the video has also made its way to Twitter, Facebook and has resulted in many articles. Unfortunately for Gad and the rest of us, he was unable to get any information from Ridley about “The Last Jedi.” She wouldn’t even say if Rey would turn out to be a Jedi.

“The Last Jedi” is supposed to fall chronologically after “The Force Awakens,” which makes sense given where that film left off. It is additionally fascinating because at the end of the movie Rey finds Luke Skywalker, the last remaining Jedi, but there is no real interaction between them. Rey finds Luke, he turns around and that is it, movie over.

What is so unique about the Star Wars films is not that they are wonderfully written,carefully casted or expertly filmed, but that they have a combination of all of the above. Not to mention the incredibly creative team that has put it all together year after year, film after film. The idea behind Star Wars is obviously one of a kind, and the fact that those involved in the production were so immensely creative has led to the creation of a franchise that has wowed the world for decades.

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The independent student newspaper of Western Illinois University. Serving Macomb since 1905.
Star Wars: Taking the World by Storm