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Netflix fortunate for Lemony Snicket revival

Anna Aughenbaugh

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Netflix never fails to excite fans over new releases of series. “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” released on Jan. 13, 2017, is no exception as social media blows up with news of this exciting new series on the popular streaming service. The first season has a total of eight episodes, following the pattern of two episodes per novel to cover Lemony Snicket’s first four books.

The first episode begins with a narrator who follows the children in the Baudelaire family, allowing viewers to watch the series without ever having picked up a book in the series. In the first episode, we are introduced to the three children, Violet, Klaus and baby Sunny Baudelaire, on a gloomy beach — which, according to the children, is the perfect condition to go to the beach.

Very quickly, Netflix fans realize why these children are unfortunate. They are told on the beach that their parents perished in a mysterious fire that also burned down their house. They get to move in with the Poe couple, who had worked at the same bank that their father did.The audience sees that the Baudelaire children are not happy at this house, and they now have to move in with a distant relative, aloof actor by the name of Count Olaf, played by Neil Patrick Harris.

Olaf lives in a dark and ominous house that looks like it has been abandoned previously, not a likely home for young children.

Olaf shows that he is only taking care of the Baudelaire family for their enormous fortune that the parents left for the children. However, his plans to fix up his house with their fortune is ruined when he discovers that the fortune is locked up until Violet becomes of age.

Count Olaf gives them the tour of his house soon after they arrive, and the audience is able to see just how awful a condition the house is in. Olaf soon forces the children to clean and not make a sound. And once they’re finished with that, he demands the children prepare a meal for him and his theatrical troupe. Once they arrive, the peculiar troupe sings all about how talented and handsome the count is and how much he loves the Baudelaires’ bank account.

After the children suffer additional abuse at the hands of the count, the episode ends by taking a look at a couple held captive. The audience is able to assume that they are the Baudelaire parents since they are dressed in elegant clothing and appear to be rich. They have a short discussion in which they express concern for their children and fear that they must escape.

All in all, the first episode shows great promise for this series. Several critics have been giving it praise saying it was a better adaptation of the books compared to the film in which Jim Carrey played Count Olaf. You can see it right now on Netflix to decide for yourself.

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Netflix fortunate for Lemony Snicket revival