Shoe Sensation Sends Socks to Soldiers

Lenisha Bolton

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Shoe Sensation, a regional chain of family shoe stores, is running their annual “Socks for Troops” campaign.

The event is designed to collect and donate military-approved and casual socks to active military personnel overseas. All of their 149 store locations are currently accepting sock donations up until Dec. 24.

Maisie Schroder, store manager of the Macomb Shoe Sensation, talks about why the company started the campaign event.

“It’s something to do for the holidays to send out to the troops to let them know we’re back here supporting them,” Schroder said. “We tried to do a lot within the community when it comes down to donating and helping out. We also currently have a box for the Salvation Army and for food. We just get our name out there and try to do what we can.”

The store manager said that customers are allowed to purchase socks in the store to donate for the soldiers and that they will receive 20 percent off of their order as well.

“By the end of December we’re going to ship them to the troops overseas,” Schroder said.

Schroder adds that all of their socks in the store are eligible for the 20-percent discount, including pairs of socks that are already discounted for 50 percent off.

“The military-grade socks are currently $14.99, and with the 20 percent off they end up being $11.99,” Schroder said. “We have various prices. Some of them are already marked off 50 percent off so you get that additional 20 percent and it takes them down to just a couple dollars.”

Costumers don’t have to donate only military-approved socks; it can be any pair of socks in the store. While troops overseas are very grateful for having an extra pair of military socks, they do enjoy having regular pairs of socks when they’re not on active duty.

“Last year we just did military-grade socks and they really appreciated (it),” Schroder said. “But they said they’re not always in combat and we have women overseas as well. So this year we’re doing all sorts of socks. We sent some frilly socks for the women over there.”

So far, as of December of this year, the store managed to collect only 90 pairs of donated socks. However, Schroder is confident that they’ll receive more donations by the end of the month.

“I know that if we continue within our area, selling a certain amount each day, we’ll have collected 2,000 pairs of socks,” Schroder said. “Just with our eight stores that (are) in my area.”

Shoe Sensation is located at 1403 E Jackson St., in-between Rialto Cinemas theater and CVS pharmacy store.

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