Macomb says ‘so long’ to Sue


Mike Frederiksen

Macomb Mayor Mike Inman (left) announces former City Administrator Sue McLaughin’s departure from the Macomb City Council after being appointed to the position in January.

Erika Ward

On Monday, the Macomb City Council voted to approve the terms of the separation agreement between the City and former City Administrator, Sue McLaughlin.

The Mayor’s Office announced last week that McLaughlin would be leaving her position with the City, after just a few months of service. Her last day of work for the City was last Tuesday.

“We believe it’s in everybody’s best interest, hers as well as the city’s, for her to move on, and that’s where we have to leave it, I’m afraid,” said Macomb Mayor Mike Inman.

The Council unanimously agreed to approve the terms of the separation agreement.

“The separation agreement calls for a couple things,” Inman said. “First of all, a compensation in the form of three month’s severance salary in the amount of $28,723.36.”

According to Inman, the agreed-upon amount fulfills tax requirements and also includes unused vacation and personal time in the final number.

McLaughlin was the first female City Administrator for the City of Macomb and has been serving since earlier this year, after the retirement of Dean Torreson.

The City is now looking for a replacement to fill the position, aiming to have someone new in the position between now and next March.

“Quite honestly, we’re looking at finding some folks that would be interested in filling the job on an interim basis, and we have a couple of folks that we’re going to look at,” Inman said.  “Then we’ll try to ramp up the selection process.  We’ll have some discussion publicly whether that be a paid service that we might engage in, or if it’s a situation where we’re going to undertake the process again, on our own.”

The Council also ran into issues when discussing the consideration to approve amendments to and the Macomb Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau’s (CVB) agreement.  A subcommittee consisting of members of the CVB and two city workers was assembled to work together on the renewal of the agreement.

One of the two city workers on that subcommittee was McLaughlin.

“We can assign somebody else from staff, that’s not a problem,” Inman said.

Currently, First Ward Alderman Mike Wayland is the only city staff member serving on that subcommittee.  The committee was also granted the Power to Act on the agreement in the upcoming couple of weeks to make more changes on the agreement, so it will be approved and completed by the date it is scheduled to begin.

In other news, John Vigezzi was sworn in at the start of the meeting to the position of Second Ward Alderman to replace Steven Wailand after he vacated the seat in August.  He was sworn in in the presence of his family.

“Obviously, John brings a lot to the table,” Inman said.  “He’s got a history of, in the 11 years he’s been here, having a strong commitment to the community through several organizations.”

Inman also said that Vigezzi’s neighborhood is very diverse, as the Second Ward covers Western Illinois University.

“John has every skill set in the world to be able to reach out and effectively deal with a broad and diverse constituency,” Inman said.  “We’re looking forward to him having some good engagement with us.”

Next Monday, City Council will hold their Committee of the Whole meeting and will take place at 5 p.m. at City Hall.