Trick the Town treats food bank

Lenisha Bolton

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Western Illinois University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) will be hosting their ninth annual Trick the Town event, which is sponsored by Sodexo and Go West Transit.

Anna Filson, marketing manager for Sodexo Campus Services at Western, is in charge of organizing the events.

“Trick the Town is part of ‘Stuff the Bus,’” Filson said. “It’s kind of like a sub-event for the main event. It’s on Monday, Oct. 24 through Thursday, Oct. 27, and volunteers sign up to essentially trick the town with paper bags for the community to fill with food donations. We then collect the bags on the 29th of October, then those bags get stored at the Linc-Wash-Grote C-Store.”

Filson talked about how Western student volunteers would leave donated grocery bags at each Macomb resident’s door step with a note asking for the Macomb community to donate non-perishable food to the less fortunate.

“The students would volunteer, then they would get a section of the town and they give the paper bags with notes stapled to it saying, ‘We’re here for “Stuff the Bus,”’ and we ask that you donate non-perishable food items to get donated to the three causes,” Filson said. “Then on (the) day of ‘Stuff the Bus,’ which is Nov. 9, we go collect all that food, sort it at Sherman Circle, go through it, put it on the bus and then it gets donated to Loaves & Fishes, RA Council Salvation Army Thanksgiving Dinner and WIRC Community Action Agency.”

Filson added that it’s a great opportunity for Western students and the Macomb community to come together to help out those who are in need of food.

“Student would be donating their time, since they’re volun teering, that’s what the ‘Trick the Town  is, Filson said. “We’re intereste in th student vol unteering It’s an effort to get the students involved with the community and vice versa. The student voluntee to take the bags and put them at each house in town. And then the commu nity donates the food. And then the groups of (our) volunteers go pick up the food. Collectively, throughout the years we collected more than a 100,000 lbs. of food since we (have) been doing this. Then the food goes towards th foo shelter fo families in need.

“We have two student advisors, Cat Schultz and Kayla Morphey,” Filson said. “They (have) been helping    us    out    with    plannin everything Student can e-mail them as well to sign up to volunteer.”

Student wh ar interested in volunteerin for “Tric the Town can do so by going to the UHDS Faceboo page and click on the link in  the description section.  Students have until Wednesday, Oct. 12 on 4 p.m.

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