Community Leaders Discuss Transportation

Erika Ward

On Friday, Congressman Darin LaHood met with community leaders in the Macomb City Hall to discuss the different transportation priorities for the area.

 “This was a pretty broad group of folks,” said Macomb Mayor Mike Inman after the meeting.  “Governmental leaders, business professionals, and we were just giving him an overview, a lay of the land, of our big picture transportation issues.  All the way from Amtrak funding to talking about the funding for mass transit, GoWest, things like that, as well as all the interconnectivity that we need to have when it comes
to highways.”

LaHood, who was elected after a special election following the resignation of Aaron Schock just 11 months ago, is familiar with the area and the issues that concern Macomb
and McDonough County.

“We talked a lot about Amtrak,” Lahood said. “We also talked about infrastructure, roads and bridges. We talked about the bypass around Macomb and, really, the transportation
priorities for the area.”

LaHood also spoke about passing the FAST Act in December, which will alot approximately $1.5 billion per year for the next five years to Illinois for transportation funding.

“I think that making sure that we support Amtrak, and the funding of Amtrak,” LaHood said.

“Being an advocate for that, as somebody who has Amtrak running through my Bloomington area, my Springfield area, here in Macomb (and) Quincy, raising awareness on that in D.C. is something that I took away from this meeting and I will continue to advocate for proper funding for Amtrak.”