Beu welcomes students to utilize services

Lenisha Bolton

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 Director of Western Illinois University Beu Health Center John Smith wants students to feel welcomed when it comes to having something checked out medically.

 “We’re like a family practice,” Smith said. “We predominately do acute care. We do everything from coughs, colds, sore throat, women’s health, minor procedures, such as ingrown toenails, warts, et cetera.”

 Around the time that  Beu opened in 1963, Smith said that they offered things such as infirmary care to students in case they needed an overnight stay.

 “(The infirmary) served to keep students that might have the measles or the mumps,” Smith said. “And (the students) needed to spend some place overnight. We no longer have that. Now we (have) converted everything into acute care and exam rooms so we do anything a family practice would do.”

 Beu offers an array of services such as immunizations, vaccines, tuberculosis skin tests, physicals for sports and diagnosing and treating sexually transmitted infections. Beu also has a pharmacy that offers medication both prescribed and over-the-counter to students at a low cost, as well as allergy treatments, X-Ray services, psychiatric services, referrals to specialists for serious illness and injuries and a Health and
Wellness program.

“We have physicians, nurse practitioners, (a) full team of nurses, medical records and a business office and insurance,” Smith said. “We’re pretty much a one-stop shop for health
care for students on campus.”

 Smith mentions that Beu does offer employment opportunities to students and that they currently have four undergraduate students and five graduate students employed.

 “Student employees do things from shredding papers to delivering specimens to the laboratory,” Smith said. “They do data entry, update our website, create brochures, collect immunization records and process those. We have a wide, different variety of things we have students do. They go the same training process that all of our employees do such as blood-borne pathogens, safety, infection control, et cetera.”

 Students can schedule appointments by phone, walk-ins or online by accessing the patient portal and using their ECom username and password. If a student has an emergency, they are seen right away with or without an appointment.

“The newest way we are trying to get students to use more often is the online patient portal,” Smith said. “They can log in from their room or anywhere on campus to look at what’s available and schedule an appointment.”

 The student health insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) is mandatory for all Western students who are taking nine semester hours or more on campus. It is considered primary insurance and provides guaranteed coverage at all times with a very low deductible. Students can use the insurance to receive
healthcare outside of the Beu.

 “If the student has the health insurance, everything at the Health Center is covered 100 percent, such as office visits,
labs, x-rays and pharmacies,” said Student Insurance Administrator Brenda Crouse.

 If students have insurance of their own, they have the option to waive the school’s health insurance but must do so by the tenth day of school.

 Beu Health Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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