Ward wraps up

Erika Ward

 Surely I’m not alone in thinking that this semester has flown by.  Never in my life have I experienced something as equally challenging and rewarding as being editor-in-chief of the newspaper I’ve grown to love.
The Courier is losing some of the greatest people I’ve ever met this semester.  Both of our sports editors are graduating, our Edge editor, our production manager, our copy editor, our opinions editor — it seems like almost everyone I’ve grown to love (and trust me, it’s something that has had to grow with some of these people) is leaving now.  And it’s heartbreaking.

 I’ve made some of the greatest memories with these people and I wish them nothing but the best.  I hope Cody Rivera gets attention from Bill Simmons.  I hope Lucas Whitten gets to see all the episodes of the Star Wars series before he dies.  I hope that Riley Hohl one day owns every piece of Star Wars merchandise (yes, everyone in this office is a nerd).  I hope that Patrick Hostert fulfills every hipster thing his heart desires.  I hope that David Dunn ends up being a good politician — even though he’s a Republican.  Most of all, I hope that Alejandro Montoya starts his own comic book series (I don’t even know if he wants this, but I do).

 But seriously, the people who are leaving the Courier this semester are some of the greatest people I’ve ever met and I hope they have nothing but success and happiness in their futures.  I’m sure everyone will go on to be wildly successful, especially in this “dying” media we call print.
It’s sad to see some of my best friends leave, and they are leaving a large void in
our offices.  It won’t be the same when I walk into the office and I don’t see Lucas taking the keys off Kayla Trail’s keyboard or having Cody loudly play a basketball game while simultaneously complaining about my Facebook notifications being loud. 

 It will be weird to not hear Riley and Montoya talking about Star Wars/Marvel/anything else.  It will be weird to not see Patrick hunched over his little laptop doing copy editing on his computer because he managed to connect to our server (which I can’t figure out, so props to you).  It will be weird to not have David Dunn calling me “boss lady” multiple times a night.

 While I’m sad to be losing some of the people who have come to mean so much to me, I’m confident in next semester.  I’ll be a seasoned veteran in this position by then (I hope).  The new editors taking over their positions have big shoes to fill, but I’m confident they can do it.  We may be losing a lot, but we’re bringing in a lot, too.

 (Insert shameless plug about checking out our online edition this summer.)