Senate sends new funding bill to house

Erika Ward

Yesterday evening, the Illinois Senate unanimously passed legislation that would allot approximately $454 million to higher education.

Just two weeks ago, the Illinois General Assembly passed SB 2059, which plans to release $600,000,100 to public colleges and universities as well as MAP grant funding. The new legislation would give higher education around $454 million.

“We are pleased that higher education continues to be at the forefront of discussions in Springfield,” said Western President Jack Thomas. “We remain optimistic that adequate funding for Illinois public higher education is a priority so we can continue to provide a quality education for our students.”

The new legislation comes amidst a now 11-month long budget impasse and just weeks after Leslie Geissler Munger announced that members of the Illinois General Assembly would not receive pay until a balanced budget was passed.

The new funds are meant to help keep public universities and colleges afloat through the summer.