Linc-Wash Grote to Host Warrior Dog Dash

Baylee Brynteson

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On Saturday, Lincoln, Washington and Grote residence halls will be hosting the second annual Warrior Dog Dash. This year’s race will have a mile-long obstacle course custom-built for the event.

Drew Reyes, a residence assistant in Lincoln who is involved with hosting the program, talked about what the Warrior Dog Dash actually is.

“The Warrior Dog Dash is an obstacle course event. Last year we did an inflatable obstacle course that we had on Hanson Field and it was a pretty great success and there were a lot of people that came through and enjoyed the event,” Reyes said. “What we decided to do this year is to bring it to our backyard. This year we are actually constructing all the obstacles ourselves. It’s going to be a one mile long obstacle course, so a little tougher and longer this year.”

Reyes also spoke a little about what kinds of obstacles you might encounter.

“There is like an army crawl where you have to crawl under a wire fence,” Reyes said. “It’s a lot of running actually, there are ten different obstacles. There is also a laser maze, which if you want to find out what it is you have to come to the event, it’s like a surprise!”

The Warrior Dog Dash isn’t just about the obstacles; the whole event is to help raise money for the Warrior Dog Foundation.

“They help the K9 units overseas and the service dogs there. They take dogs that either can’t go back with their owner or have some sort of physical issues or mental PTS (Post Traumatic Stress), which can happen in animals, and they take them and rehabilitate them here in the United States,” Reyes said. “They provide a home for them and then they try to get them back to their normal lives. They offer people to come in and adopt or if they can return them to their original owner they do that.” These dogs are expected to perform in the harshest of environments and face conditions that most human beings cannot survive.

The Warrior Dog Foundation ensures they will be taken care of mentally and physically when their service is over. The foundation helps transition the K9 hero’s from a harsh working environment into a state-of-the-art kennel facility.

The event will be held in the Lincoln-Washington Halls, on the disc golf course. Reyes explained that there would be more than
just an obstacle course.

“We are doing a dunk tank,” Reyes said. “We also have an activity where you can create a dog toy out of old tee shirts, and it’s something we did last year that worked out really well.”

Reyes also said that since they moved the registration date to the day of the race, he is unsure of how the turnout will look.

Reyes also said that there will be free drinks and that they
will be asking for donations for food.

“There will be a DJ there, so it will be a fun event to just
come out to and have fun and relax,” Reyes said. “You don’t have to run through the obstacle course, you can just come out and support people.

“Dogs are welcome to come, we will have an area set up for people if they want to bring their dogs,” Reyes said.

Registration is $5 per person and participants can have a team of up to seven  people. 

There will be a registration table where participants can register and then they will run the obstacle course. Reyes talked
about prizes for the fastest finishing.

“We have a bunch of different prizes for fastest times and we are
also raffling some off,” Reyes said. “Some of the prizes include
$30 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card, $25 Hyvee gift card, 10 free sub coupons from jimmy johns, two $20 gift cards from Chick’s on the Square and a lot more. We have had a lot of business
support, which is awesome.”

The event will be on Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more
information visit, which will take your straight
to the event’s Facebook page.