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Council passes housing ordinances

Community Development Coordinator Ray Heitner explains to how the housing ordinace will affect the city at Monday’s meeting.

Community Development Coordinator Ray Heitner explains to how the housing ordinace will affect the city at Monday’s meeting.

Mike Frederiksen

Mike Frederiksen

Community Development Coordinator Ray Heitner explains to how the housing ordinace will affect the city at Monday’s meeting.

Nicholas Ebelhack

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The Macomb City Council passed two ordinances pertaining to housing at Monday’s meeting.

 The first, which was discussed in depth at the pervious Committee of the Whole meeting, was in regards to the zoning of several properties along East Jefferson, South Randolph, South Dudley and South Campbell Streets.

 Community Development Coordinator Ray Heitner explained what the ordinance would do for the families in the area.

 “(They) wanted to rezone from either a B2 or an R3 zone to an R2 single family home property,” Heitner said. “Basically, the appeal is that the lasting 27 properties are all single family in their use, and they want to match the zoning as the surrounding properties have, so in that sense it is pretty sensible rezone.”

 He then explained how the surrounding area affected the decision to move forward with plans for the ordiance.

 “One of the other issues that the property owners brought to our attention and that we had considered for a while was that the properties that are rezoning are structured as single family in the city’s comprehensive plan,” Heitner said. “So between the plan calling for these properties to be single family and the fact
that they are single family.”

 That ordinance was passed by a unanimous vote of 5-0. Second Ward Adlerman Steve Wailand and Third Ward Alderman Mellie Gilbert were both absent from the meeting and did not vote.

 The other item about housing, the Blight Reduction Program Tri-Pary agreement, was then voted on. Heitner explained the program before the council prior to the vote.

 “We qualified for a grant from the Illinois Housing Development Authority, where they would loan $1.05 million dollars through an agreement with the City of Macomb, Western Illinois Regional Council and the Illinois Housing Development Authority,” Heitner said. “The program is basically designed to acquire, close on, demolish, green and rebuild upon 30 properties in Macomb.

 “We will be working with the Western Illinois Regional Council to treat those properties,” Heitner continued. “It’s just a way of treating some properties that have fallen in a state of disrepair and maybe use it as either green space or for future active use.

 The program passed by a vote of 5-0.

 Amongst other unfinished business was an ordinance to adopt an FY17 budget for the City of Macomb. According to Mayor Mike Inman, the budget notes revenues of $30.5 million and
expenditures of $30.31 million.

 The budget passed unanimously 5-0.

 The other ordinances that passed unanimously were in regards to the creation of a Class R (restaurant) plus CS (catering services) liquor license for Hy-Vee, Inc., and an ordinance that awards $249,618.55 to Gunther Construction to replace the water main at Glenwood Park.

 The other purchase the city authorized at the meeting also pertained to water, pertaining to two Solar Bee destratifiers that would prevent algae from blooming by keeping the water source agitated. Alderman at-Large Dennis Moon commented on how water could be a pressing problem in the near future.

 “The city needs to start addressing our water source in the coming years. It’s going to take us a number of years and we need to make a decision as to what to do.”

 McLaughlin responded that it is on her list of things to
bring up within the coming months.

 The council then adjourned after the alderman collectively advised for people to be more cautious during the warm weather, especially in regards to motorcycles and bicycles, now that more people will be outside.

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Council passes housing ordinances