Sludge spills at Kiljordan Creek

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Sludge spills at Kiljordan Creek

Kayla Trail

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Around 7 a.m. on Monday approximately 300 gallons of land application sludgwas released into the Kiljordan Creek, located in Macomb, after a clog caused leakage in the tanks.

“I wa identifie tha there was a sludge release at the waste water treatment plant on Monday morning, said McDonough County Health Department Environmental Health Director Chris Adams. “It was discovered that there was a clog in the sludge retention tanks which caused the tanks to overflow and there was approximatel300 gallonof land applicable sludge that was released in the Kiljordan Creek.”

MayoMikInmasaithat the city of Macomb reacted very quickly to this, but the city would b lookin into  a  monitoring system to alert officials sooner rather than later in the event of another breach.

“There was about somewhere betwee a estimate 200-300 gallons of sludge, Inman said. “Now that’s pre-treated sewage, it’s not raw sewage that is going in the water there. It’s pre-treate an w immediatel made an outreach to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Emergency Management (to get) some guidance on how to make public notice and make sure that folks that would have any access to the water there, were aware of the issue and they could come in and get well sampling kits to determine if there’s any disinfection of any ground wells.”

Adamand Inman advised any residents near the Kiljordan Creek who are concerned with their water to go to the Health Department located on E. Jackson Street to pick up a free well water test kit.

Adamsaithatherwas no reportedamagoinjuries, and that this spillage was all contained.

“It was basically all contained at the sewer plant, Adams said. “It wasn’t like a fire hose spray of liquid, it was actually like a slow leak kind of thing. Everything else was vacuumed up and contained right there at the treatment plant. After they fixed the proble immediatel an got everything contained and started cleaning up the sludge on the ground with the vacuum trucks, everything  was  reported  first  to the EPA.”

For any questions regarding this incidentpleascontacChris Adams at 309-837-9951 extension 217. For any Macomb Wastewater Treatment Plant questions, you can contact the Macomb City AdministratoSuMcLaughlin  at 309-833-2558.