Sodexo talks continue


Mike Frederiksen

SGA President

Kayla Trail

Last night the Student Government Association (SGA) nominated three of their members for the position of Speaker of the Senate, as well as ad dressed the results of SGA President, Wil Gradle meeting with John Biern baum, administrator o University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) and Sodexo.

Elections will be held next Tuesday during the next SGA meeting, where the three nominees; computer science major, John Kennealy, meteorology major, Jeremiah Grider and mathematics major, Andrew Mueller will be allot ted five minutes each for speeches and then do a Q&A with the members of SGA and then they will have a private discussion outside of the room.

Two weeks ago SGA addressed their concerns in regards to UHDS and Sodexo, and last Wednesday, March 30, Gradle met with them to bring the concerns to their attention.

“The first question that we had for them was why we use Sodexo as op posed to being self operated and self run, Gradle said. “The first reason is that when it comes to the scale, essen tially the bigger the company you are, the lower the prices that you pay are. By using Sodexo, we take far greater advantage of those economies of scale as if we did that by ourselves.”

Another question they brought up to Biernbaum was if the minimum plan could be lowered.

“One of their (UHDS) concerns in do ing that is if they could guarantee that we would break even, Gradle said. “As long as it breaks even, (Western Illinois University) should pursue it, but the issue with that is you have more uncertain revenue streams when you lower the minimum that you’re pay ing in. One of the things they (UHDS) brought up is some students in Lincoln Washington have the option to not get a meal plan at all and only 35 students,

I think that’s less than ten percent actually took them up on that.