Western fraternity under interim suspension


Olivia Smith

Western Illinois University’s chapter of Alpha Gamma Row is under interim suspension for violating the student code of conduct in regards to hazing accusations

Erika Ward

 Alpha Gamma Rho, the Alpha Tau chapter at Western Illinois University, has been placed under interim suspension pending an investigation regarding accusations of hazing.

 “University representatives recently received information regarding alleged hazing activities involving Alpha Gamma Rho, a recognized student organization,” said Director of Student Judicial Programs (SJP) Tim Sheridan. “The organization has been issued an interim suspension, which will remain in effect during the course of the University’s investigation of, and review into, the matter.”

 According to the Code of Student Conduct, an interim suspension “may be imposed only: a) to ensure the safety and well-being of members of the University community or preservation of University property; b) to ensure the student’s own physical or emotional safety and well-being; or c) if the student poses an ongoing threat of disruption of, or interference with, the normal operations of the University.”

 The Code of Student Conduct also states that a hearing “will be held not later than 10 calendar days from the date the interim suspension was imposed.”

 SJP is in charge of the student judicial system, meaning SJP will be in charge of conducting interviews with the parties involved and investigating accusations along with many other responsibilities.

 “The University has a zero tolerance police on hazing, and a hazing policy has been in effect for many years,” reads a statement from the university.

 Western’s hazing policy states that hazing activities include (but is not limited to) “extended deprivation of sleep or rest; forced consumption of food, liquor, beverage, or drugs; beatings; brandings; tests of endurance; or submission of members or prospective members to potentially hazardous or dangerous circumstances.”

 “It shall not be an acceptable defense to a charge of hazing to claim that the participants took part voluntarily, that they voluntarily assumed the risks or hardship of the activity, or that no injury was suffered,” reads the policy.