Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Dissapointment

Alex Montoya

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 The biggest gladiator match in the history of the world sounds like the most epic event to ever happen. Luckily, I was able to get an early viewing of the film, and I must say this film does not hit all expectations and leaves you wondering, what the hell just happened?

 As a huge Batman fan I was extremely excited about this film and the excitement only continued to rise with each preview.

 “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” tried to fit way too much content into a single film. There were many things wrong with the film that could easily have been salvaged if they extended this film into a two-part movie. Some characters were not developed at all and some were lazily thrown into the film.

 Practically the only character in the film that was developed

was Batman (Ben Affleck). His origin is what kicks off the film, showing Thomas and Martha Wayne (Jeffery Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen) shot down in front of young Bruce (Brandon Spink).

 This is when we hear about Superman (Henry Cavill) being discussed. Much of the film is a discussion on how to handle the events of “Man of Steel.” How do they get someone like Superman to pay for his actions? That’s about the extent of what the humans decide to do about Superman. This is where Batman steps in.

 Clark Kent notices all the publicity the “bat vigilante” is getting by now branding the criminals. Clark obviously has a problem with it, but there is nothing he can do about it as Clark Kent.

 The problem with Superman in this film is that he is practically the same character as he was in “Man of Steel.” It has been 18 months since the events of that film and Superman still hasn’t changed much. He has the Clark Kent persona now and wears glasses that clearly hide his true identity as Superman, but not much else has changed.

 Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), was in the film in some capacity, that’s for sure. What capacity you ask? Honestly, I am wondering the same question. She is a character seen here and there in the film who doesn’t make much of an impact. But when she did finally pick up her shield and sword, her character was fantastic. Her action sequences have me excited about the upcoming “Wonder Woman” solo film.

 Amy Adams, who played Lois Lane, was a rather correct portrayal of the character. She didn’t have much screen time, but when she is on screen she is the damsel in distress for Superman to save or his love interest.  She is a rather linear character in the source material so it only makes sense for her to be put in harm’s way for Superman to save again.

 Speaking of the source material, this film seemed to pull from a couple different story arcs to build its plot. But they must have forgotten to read the comics. Pulling from “The Dark Knight Returns” series,  Batman and Superman are against one another. There is another story that I won’t name so I don’t ruin the ending for anyone who still plans on watching the film.

 Much of the film sets up the big battle between the superheroes so it was a surprise when Doomsday was lazily thrown into the battle by Lex Luthor to take out Superman (Jessie Eisenberg). This was something that should have been given a film to itself instead of sharing the screen with what was supposed to be an epic showdown between the two heroes.

 Lex Luthor was a rather odd character in the film. He wasn’t much like his comic counterpart, but Jessie Eisenberg does do a good job with his portrayal of Luthor. This character is not the same Lex Luthor as in the comics, but his son, so Eisenberg was allowed some leeway and was able to make the character his own.

 The other heroes such as Aquaman (Jason Mamoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) were also thrown in there lazily. It seemed like they may have a slightly bigger capacity in the film to introduce these characters, but unfortunately they were thrown in there just to show
they do exist.

 Overall “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” was an okay film and let me down as a movie goer and a comic book fan. As much as I want to force myself to like it, there is not much to like here besides Batman and Alfred (Jeremy Irons) who were portrayed really well. This film could have been salvaged and turned into an amazing movie, but director Zack Snyder just made so many bad decisions that it will be difficult for DC to bounce back from this. Let’s hope “Suicide Squad” will be better.

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