The Bachelor Falls in Love

Erika Ward

During “the most dramatic finale” of “The Bachelor” last Monday, the final showdown between JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell for Ben Higgin’s heart ended in a way that fans of the show didn’t necessarily expect.

 While it seemed as though Lauren was the frontrunner in the final few episodes, JoJo made a comeback and the viewers got to see a different side of JoJo and Ben’s relationship that hadn’t been portrayed on the show before.

 “It’s not like Lauren’s taken a step back,” Higgins said during the finale.  “JoJo’s caught up.”

 This was the moment that everyone thought sealed the deal for the winner of this season.

 In recent history on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” it’s been relatively easy to predict who would end up winning, especially when it gets to the last few episodes.  But this season was different.

 For the first time in “Bachelor” history, the bachelor told not one, but two women that he was in love with them. What?!  Isn’t there supposed to be some sort of unspoken “rule” that the bachelor/bachelorette can’t say they love someone?  Either way, I don’t care.  It made everything all the more dramatic, which is something I look for in a guilty pleasure show.

 After almost two full, confusing hours, we finally learned who was the winner.  As soon as the helicopter landed and JoJo stepped out as the first person, hearts sank.  JoJo, who had so obviously put her heart out there, was about to be crushed after Ben told her that she was his best friend and promised to never blind side her.

 But he also wasn’t necessarily supposed to tell anyone he loved them so how seriously can we expect him to keep a promise?  And “in love” with two women?  Really Ben?  Women watching around the world are rolling their eyes at that comment.

 After landing a crushing blow to poor JoJo’s ego and heart, Ben took a few minutes to mourn the loss of his televised relationship.  But, he put it all aside and made a phone call to Lauren’s dad to ask for her hand in marriage.

 The helicopter landed again and Lauren made her way down to where Ben would soon propose to her, rocking a stunning blue gown and her always-perfect smile.  Let’s face it, Lauren is one of the prettiest people who has ever existed.  She even looks pretty when she cries.

 As Ben made his heartfelt proposal, it meant basically nothing to everyone watching, even those of us who had been rooting for Lauren the entire time.  Whether it was the doubts coming from JoJo’s family during hometowns or his “realization” that Lauren is just “the one” for him or even his urge to rebel against his mother, who vocalized her support for JoJo, nobody cared anymore.  His awful breakup with JoJo pretty much ruined any chance of redemption he could have earned by giving Lauren a romantic proposal.

 Granted, the ring he picked out for Lauren is huge – 4.25 karats to be exact.  Plus both women get to keep their dresses from that day, so at least JoJo got to take home a beautiful gown since she couldn’t take home the man.

 During the special after the finale, host Chris Harrison attempted to pressure Lauren and Ben to get married – on live television – directly after a confrontation with JoJo.  Thankfully, the two declined.  It’s always an awful idea to pressure people to get married, especially when it’s on live television, as if the two weren’t getting enough tabloid attention.

 For those JoJo supporters, don’t stay too down.  She’ll have another chance to fall in love on television on the next season of “The Bachelorette.”