Student Receives Unique Proposal

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Student Receives Unique Proposal

Kayla Trail

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 Ashley Case and her fiancé, Brandan Sanders, made news this past week when Sanders proposed to her in N-lot on Western Illinois University’s campus.

 Case, who is a senior law enforcement and justice administration major, and Sanders met during an EMT course while also volunteering at a local fire department.  For four years they stayed close.

 “We have actually only been dating for about a year, but we have always been good friends,” Case said. “In addition to that, we also volunteer (at) one of the same fire departments back in my home town, which means that we (would) often run into each other there.”

 Sanders, a firefighter in Rochelle, Illinois, planned this proposal for several months. However, Case’s determination to go home early to surprise him almost ruined the proposal all together.

 “I actually didn’t expect the proposal,” Case said. “Brandan and I had always said that we never wanted to get married until after we graduated school.”

 Case said she never expected a proposal.

 “I actually almost messed up three months of his planning,” she said. “Brandan spent three months planning the proposal, in which he had contacted the school and the Macomb Fire Department. The week before the proposal, my Friday class was cancelled and since I only have one class on Friday I was going to head home Thursday night and surprise both my family and Brandan.”

 With the help of Case’s friends, who knew the secret and helped deter her plans to go home so Sanders proposal would go as planned, everything worked out.

 “Out of pure excitement I had told some friends my plan to go home,” Case said. “My one friend, Mike, looked at me with a blank stare as I told him my plans and then proceeded to say, ‘That’s exciting.’ I later found out the reason he had shown no emotion was because he was in on the proposal and knew that it was supposed to happen on Friday.

 “He quickly texted Brandan and told him my plans. In order to keep me here until Friday, Brandan came up with a lie and told my friends to tell it to me, make me believe it and make sure I stayed in Macomb.

 “The lie was easy, my roommate who originally was riding with me had found a new ride so I could leave on Thursday, but since I now needed to stay until Friday, both my roommate and her ride lied and told me that they wouldn’t be able to give her a ride home. As a result I had to wait until my roommate’s classes ended on Friday before I could leave Macomb.”

 Upset now that she couldn’t head home sooner for  Thanksgiving break, Case was bummed.  Two of her friends, who were in on the proposal, wanted to treat her to breakfast Friday morning in hopes to cheer her up.

 “After a quick breakfast they wanted to take some pictures so we started to head over to the Hanson Field parking lot,” Case said. “On our way, I was handed a photo album by one of my friends. Inside it said, ‘The start of our journey,’ and it contained a number of pictures of both Brandan and I. I started to get suspicious at this point, because both friends had cameras (on them), and I was looking through a photo album of pictures of my fiancé and I. Once we got to the parking lot I saw the Macomb ladder truck, my fiancés truck, and two sets of fire gear in front of his truck. As I got closer he came around the corner of the ladder truck and handed me another photo album that said, ‘Will you start a new journey for the rest of our lives together. I love you.’ That is when he got down on one knee and proposed. I immediately said ‘yes.’”

 As for what the future holds in store for the newly engaged couple, Case will be graduating in May of 2016, already has a wedding date set for Aug. 20 of next year and is ready to see what lies ahead for her and her fiancé.

 “I think I’m most excited about starting a new journey,” Case said. “I can’t wait to see where God takes us, and what His plans are. I know Brandan and I have such a great time when we are together and often joke about who is the adult in the relationship. It is so nice to have a relationship with someone where you can just be yourself and have fun. I can’t wait to see where our careers take us, with him in the fire service and me in law enforcement, it should make for a very interesting time.”