The GOP’s misguided PP venture


Erika Ward

In an effort to push the conservative agenda forward, the United States Senate passed legislation that would not only destroy Obamacare, but would block funding to Planned Parenthood (PP) on Thursday, Dec. 3.

 Even though it’s widely known that the White House will veto the bill, the fact that Republicans think that shutting down this service is acceptable is terrifying. PP provides services that help more than just women, as STI/STD testing and treatment makes up 41 percent of PP’s services and contraception taking up 34 percent. Ten percent goes to cancer screenings and prevention.

 Along with trying to prevent pregnancy and promote sexual education, PP offers prenatal care for women, meaning they try to make sure that women are giving birth to healthy babies by receiving care that they may not be able to otherwise afford.

 Much of the driving force behind the hatred that the conservatives of our country have towards PP is because of abortion services.  Very few people do actual research on the matter, which is a shame because if more people looked into the matter they would realize that only three percent of PP’s services are for abortions, and even these can’t be paid for with federal funds.

 A common reasoning behind the funding being cut, besides the GOP agenda against a woman’s right to choose, is because of the $18.2 trillion federal debt.

 But why would we need to cut a program that helps those who need it and is doing what it was created to do in an effective way?  If the idea behind the bill is to decrease the deficit, then why is the government taking from those in need?  Why wouldn’t we instead try to give the wealthy fewer tax breaks?

 While everyone is in agreement that the budget needs to be balanced and we, as a country, need to stop spending money that we don’t have, the idea that we should take away a service that is only granted a mere $450 million of its budget from the federal taxpayers is absurd and terrifying.  Even with that number, most of those funds are simply reimbursements because of PP’s services to patients on Medicaid. 

 If our government is supposed to be “for the people,” then why is the GOP attempting to take away the ability for a woman to have a yeast infection treated at a reasonable price?

 This bill is just the GOP agenda attempting to give the conservatives of the country a chance to rally behind the pro-life movement, even though this would just cause harm to millions of men and women in the country who use their services.

 The White House has already spoken out, saying President Barack Obama will veto the bill. This means the bill would have to get a two-thirds vote from the House and Senate, which does not look favorable for the Republicans. It’s just an attempt to rile up Republican voters for the upcoming presidential election.