Student Spotlight

Kayla Trail

 Double major Kelly Dorothy chose to attend Western Illinois University because of the location and the possibilities she could take part in to build her career.

 Born and raised in Hamilton, Illinois, Dorothy wanted to attend a university that was close to her family and one that would also offer her what she was looking for.

 “The university is located close to my hometown,” Dorothy said. “Knowing I was close to home made it that much easier to attend Western. Also, Western has one of the best chemistry programs and was one of the few schools that I looked into attending that offered a forensic chemistry program.”

 Dorothy, who is a senior, plans on graduating this December and spending the winter break relaxing with her family and friends while trying to land a career in either Tennessee or Iowa for the start of 2016.

 Majoring in law enforcement and justice administration as well as forensic chemistry, Dorothy knew she wanted a future in forensics since she was in
middle school.

 “I have always had an interest in science and math growing up,” Dorothy said. “I was in sixth grade when I realized that I wanted to be a forensic chemist, and it was not until later that I decided to major in law enforcement and justice administration. I enjoy the whole aspect of problem solving that comes with both majors.

 “I gained interest in the whole forensics field mostly from watching “CSI” and crime shows like that. However, once I got into the study I realized it is not as easy as the show makes it seem and that made it all the more interesting to me.”

 Aiming to learn more about the law enforcement field and career choices, Dorothy joined the law enforcement fraternity, Alpha Phi Sigma.

 “I joined (Alpha Phi Sigma) to gain more knowledge about the field and to gain more networks for job opportunities,” Dorothy said. “It has provided an opportunity to give me an insight on what the working field has been like in the past, present and future.”

 Dorothy is also very outdoorsy and enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as sitting down with a good book.

 “I enjoy hunting because I am able to spend time with family and friends,” she said. “Hunting allows me to get away from reality for the time being, and have a stress-free time in the woods.”

 Hoping to pursue a career in the forensic field after graduation, Dorothy is hopeful that with her chosen majors she will not have to worry about which path she should take.

 “My plans after graduation are to obtain a degree in the chemistry field,” Dorothy said. “I plan to start off with just a basic chemistry, a quality control type of job and then gain experience in the field. I then plan to obtain a career in forensic chemistry. Later in life if I become bored or tired of the chemistry field I would like to become an evidence technician for a police department.”