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Kayla Trail

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If there is one thing a veteran takes pride in— it is serving his or her country, one thing that business management major Tim Allen holds dear.

 Allen, 26, enlisted at 18 years old, owned his first house by the age of 24 — and married his long-time girlfriend, Samantha last January.

 “I grew up in Abingdon, Illinois,” Allen said. “It’s small town living at its best. There are not more than 3,700 people in the town and I graduated in a class of just 42.”

 In wake of the tragedy in Paris, Allen feels that it is a “horrible situation.” Allen also credits the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 for being a huge drive as to why he wanted to join and fight for his country.

 “During my junior year of high school, I decided to enlist in the Army National Guard,” Allen said. “I decided to do this because of the attack on the Twin Towers, and I was going to need help paying for college and this was a great opportunity to experience new things as well as paying for college.”

 Allen was notified that he would be deployed to Egypt for a year long peace keeping mission in 2010.

 “So throughout the year (leading up to deployment) we trained and prepared for the mission,” Allen said. “Then we shipped off for a few weeks of training in Washington state, then around late July we finally
shipped off to Egypt.”

 While in Egypt, they still had missions to carry out. Allen did his militaristic duties, but as he was not deployed for combat, Allen, in his downtime also had the chance to experience Egypt.

 “During our downtime while in Egypt, we were able to go into the town right by our base, Sharm el-Sheikh (an Egyptian resort) and experience life in Egypt,” he said.

 “We were able to swim in the Red Sea, go explore the pyramids, climb Mount Sinai and many other attractions that were offered,” Allen explained. “This was a great experience, because without it I would not have been able to experience the pyramids or any of the other experiences that I did while in Egypt.”

 Allen enjoyed serving his country, but is thankful he is back home to work on his education and spend time with his wife.

 “It was great going to basic and learning new skills that everyone else does not get to experience,” Allen said. “But what spare time I do get, I spend with my wife doing random things just to spend time with her.”

 Allen is the assistant manager at the fast-food restaurant, KFC and Long John Silver’s, here in Macomb, with aspirations to open his own business when the time is ready.

 “After graduation, I plan on continuing my career as a manager here at KFC,” Allen said. “Eventually my life goal is to open my own family restaurant somewhere with a variety of options on the menu.”