Radical Islam dominates terror

Kyle Davis

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I wrote earlier in the semester about the “regressive left” and how no one was willing to have an honest discussion about the dangers of religion — particularly radical Islam. Before I reopen this box, I want to note that I was extremely hesitant to reintroduce this topic. My previous article not only grossed the nastiest emails, but also rewarded me the titles of “bigot,” “Islamophobe” and, my favorite, “neo-conservative nut case.”

 I will also mention that my article brought a lot of praise from many leaders in this campus’ community. Now, more than ever, we need to begin the conversation about the dangers of religion. No doubt, you have heard about the ISIS attack in Paris; yet, we could include other attacks like those against Charlie Hebdo or even 9/11.

 It seems to me that pseudo-scholars like Reza Aslan have convinced us that all of these attacks are because of our own political missteps. No doubt, these political mistakes are noteworthy. However, what people like Aslan leave out is the overwhelming influence of religion and particularly the barbaric beliefs of Islam.

 The Quran is a harsh and barbaric work of fiction. Muhammad himself was a successful warlord. Since I can hear the keyboards already clacking the word “Islamophobe,” I’ll cite some sources. Quran 4:76, “Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah” and Quran 8:12, “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them,” are two examples.

 Again, I am not saying that all Muslims believe this; we are very fortunate that most followers of this religion do not believe these things. We are lucky that secular thinking and morality have allowed them to cherry-pick the important parts and lambaste the rest. Yet, according to 2013 Pew results, an overwhelming majority of Muslims in Egypt, Jordan and Malaysia believe the punishment for leaving the faith is death. This is only a short appetizer of the frankly alarming data on the Muslim homeland.

 I hate to use “liberal” in the pejorative, but fellow liberals in the country are failing us. They are trying to blame anything but the Islamic faith even when members of ISIS repeatedly tell us that they are doing Allah’s work. Well, I’m sorry, but the issue is not as easy as these “liberals” would hope it to be.

 Both poles of this argument are very wrong. The far right is wrong for thinking we can just bomb and invade nations to kill terrorists. The regressive left is wrong for thinking we should be apologetic and search for anything but the elephant in the room.

 The answer is that we need to have moderate Muslims help us fight ISIS on not only physical but also ideological grounds. Muslims are the ones being killed the most due to their fundamentalist followers and it is not helping if the U.S. keeps pumping troops into nations to fight an ideological war.

 When we look back in 20 years, we will feel embarrassed by the overextension of political correctness as it is infringing upon our ability to conduct free speech. Shutting out free speech is shaking hands with fundamental Muslims when they attack havens of free speech like Charlie Hebdo and now Paris.

 How many deaths do we allow before we begin to criticize bad ideas? I am wholly unapologetic, the religion of Islam in its most basic form is explicitly anti-women’s rights, anti-LGBT rights, against the freedom of speech and expression and against basic concepts of freedom. If you deny this, read the Quran, then watch the videos of gay people being thrown off rooftops or newscasters being beheaded, it should become painfully clear that these match up.

 In closing, I dream of the day I do not have to write about Islam anymore, but I find myself forced to given how it is so dominant in the terror market. I mean, who lies awake at night fearing the Amish? Last, even Muslim and former–Muslim scholars agree with my viewpoint, which is largely siphoned by scholars like Sam Harris. If you want to hear my arguments from a Muslim, look into Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Maajid Nawaz. These moderate Muslims are fighting the ideological war against the worst of their faith and we need to join them.

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