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Snow removal decision made

Nicholas Ebelhack

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 Macomb City Council met to take final action on bids received for snow removal along East and West Jackson streets and North Lafayette Street, awarding the bid to Collins Excavating.

 While a majority of the aldermen kept quiet during the final discussion of the bid, Alderman-at-Large Dennis Moon and Don Wynn continued to express dissatisfaction with the proposed bids.

 “Since this is a temporary contract, I don’t know if it is really going to work yet,” Wynn said.

 “I studied snow removal discussions for a couple years now,” Moon said, “and with the way that the streets and the sidewalks are I can’t be in favor of this for no reason but the cost of it.”

 In response to the concerns, Macomb Mayor Michael Inman said the city needs to make an effort on the bids given before throwing them out all together.

 “I actually believe that we need to try,” Inman said. “At the end of the day if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work, that’s why we negotiated with a low bidder for a two-year contract to see how this process will work, and if it’s insurmountable then I think then we can go back to our constituents.”

 The motion to approve the bid was carried 5-2, with the two votes against coming from Wynn and Moon.

 The council also did a first reading of an ordinance that would annex territory owned by Ron and Charlotte Lowderman into Macomb.

 Inman said that the area is owned by a partially-developed storage business that is wanting to expand and requires water for an office, and that the annexation would be mutually beneficial to both parties.

 “It’s a good trade because they get to help the city with some of our tax burdens and they will have access to water, fire protection, and whatever else comes with being a part of Macomb,” Inman said.

 The council then approved the mayoral appointment of John Biernbaum to the McDonough County Public Transportation Committee. Biernbaum is currently the associate vice president of student services at Western.

 Inman said that he is confident in Biernbaum’s ability to serve the community.

 “He’s been a fixture in the community ever since he came here, he has been very involved, and he is going to act in the best interest of the transport committee,” Inman said. “He’s the head of housing and dining on the campus so he is well vested in making sure there is quality transport for not just the students but the entire community.”

 Preceding old and new business was a presentation of the “Why I Like My Hometown” essay contest from Macomb Junior High School. Third place was awarded to eighth-grader Lily Waldrop, who received $50 in gift certificates, second place was awarded to seventh-grader Braxton Lidaywa, who received $75 in gift certificates, and first place was awarded to eighth-grader Evan Stegall, who received $100 in
gift certificates.

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Snow removal decision made