‘Nobody controls me’

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Nicholas Stewart

Donald Trump, the current Republican presidential frontrunner, speaks to a crowd of over 2,000 on Oct. 21 in Burlington, Iowa for a campaign rally. Trump’s speech criticizes President Barack Obama and past Republican candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Erika Ward, News editor

 Property mogul-turned-politician and Republican presidential candidate frontrunner Donald Trump stopped at Burlington Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, Iowa on Wednesday, Oct. 21 for an event rallying over 2,000 people.

 “This wasn’t supposed to happen,” Trump said.  “Nobody controls me.”

 Trump, known for his work on TV shows such as “The Apprentice” and being a frequent executive producer for the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants, started off his speech with a jab at Vice President, Joe Biden.

 “So we got some news today that Biden is not running,” Trump said.  “And I think he did the smart thing because frankly, I don’t know that he would have won that nomination.  Frankly, I really want to run against Hillary (Clinton).”

 Running with the campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” Trump was not modest about his place in the polls as he went through each caucus state and proudly compared his percentages to other Republican candidates.

 “I want to get this election going,” Trump said.  “You know how sometimes you can call an election? Can we have it by tomorrow?”

 Trump is unhappy  with the current government and past Republican candidates, which is why he wants the nomination.

 “I backed (John) McCain, and that I understand, he had a hard time with that one because lots of bad things were happening,” Trump said.  “And I backed Romney — and that’s one that should have been won and he failed — he failed us, very simply, and I’m not happy about it.

 “This time I said, ‘I’m not going to let it happen again, I’m going to do it myself,’” Trump continued.

 One of Trump’s most well-known promises for office is the  wall to separate the United States
and Mexico.

 “A country isn’t a country unless we have a border,” Trump said.  “We’re going to have a border, and people are going to come into the country but they’re coming in legally.  They’re not coming in illegally.

 “We’re going to build a wall,” Trump continued.  “It’s going to be a great wall.  It’s going to be a wall that really is effective.  Walls do work.  You can look at Israel, you can look at other places.  Walls do work.”

 Trump plans on the funding for this wall coming from Mexico.

 “We have tremendous drug traffic coming into this country,” Trump said.  “They just come in unabated. It’s just unbelievable, and we allow it to happen.  We’re going to have a wall, it’s going to be a great wall and Mexico is going to pay for it.”

 Trump expressed that the idea for a wall was specifically to combat drug trafficking and illegal immigration and not from a place of political incorrectness.

 “Just so you understand, I love Mexico,” Trump said.  “I love the Mexican people. I respect the Mexican leaders.  But they’re much smarter than our leaders.  They get away with murder.  They tell me that.”

 Trump criticized current President Barack Obama.

 “He divides everybody,” Trump said, calling him “The Great Divider.”

 “I thought, actually, when Obama won that he would be a unifier. I would love him to be a great president.  If he would be a great president, I would be very happy.”

 Trump went on to discuss the issues that the country currently faces.

 “We have 50 million people in poverty,” Trump said.  “We have 46 million people on food stamps.  We’ve got tremendous problems with Obamacare, your premiums, in case you haven’t noticed, are up 38 percent.”

 Trump also said that he has a plan that can lower taxes.

 “We’re the highest-taxed nation in the world,” Trump said.  “We’re bringing corporate taxes and small business taxes down to 15 percent.  We’re simplifying the tax code.  We’re going to have four tranches, it’s going to be so beautiful; it’s gong to be so dynamic; it’s gotten some great reviews.

 “You always have someone who doesn’t like it, but we have to do it,” Trump said.  “You have corporate inversion, nobody knows what it is; companies, — big companies, — have trillions of dollars, $2.5 trillion offshore, out of the country.  To show you how paralyzed Washington is, the Democrats and the Republicans want to bring that money back.  That’s been going on for four years.”

 Trump went on to explain that nobody actually knows the amount of money that is in the offshore accounts, but the reason that the country has been having difficulty bringing it back to the United States is because it would be too expensive because of the taxes.

 “A lot of companies are going to be leaving the United States to go get that money,” Trump said.  “They are going to now move out of the United States, and these are big, strong, powerful companies with thousands and thousands of jobs, and they’re also going to get a better tax deal.

 “It’s called corporate inversion,” Trump continued.  “And it’s going to be a biggest problem unless we have competent leadership.  The amazing thing about this one is everyone agrees, but no one can get it signed or get a deal.  We have total gridlock in Washington.”

 As Trump exited the stage and began greeting the potential voters, Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” began playing.  The crowd erupted in applause as Trump turned for one final wave before disappearing behind a curtain.

 After the rally was finished, a small plane with the words “Make America Great, Vote Trump” displayed on the underbelly flew over Burlington.