Clinton should not be sued

Rahim Owens

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While President Clinton has been accused of womanizing, taking money from the Indonesians and other such ethical and/or moral misconduct, such has been the case for Newt Gingrich, Bob Packwood and others in recent years.The fact of the matter is, all these men, like those who proceeded them, Richard Nixon, Oliver North and George Bush, are human beings under the microscope of society.

They are all men chosen to lead, and in accepting that role, they have laid themselves open to public scrutiny and ridicule.

We want to look at these men as role models and as pillars of strength with impeccable honor. We long to look at them in that manner because we want to look at ourselves in that manner. We believe, somewhere in our hungry souls, these men are more than men, that this is more than just another country, that we are the most civilized society the world has ever known.

Unfortunately, our leaders are just men and women like we are, and our country is far from the great society Lyndon Johnson once envisioned.

Taking the above into consideration, however, we must see that the U.S. Supreme Court cannot allow Paula Jones her civil suit against the president while he’s in office. No matter what argument is raised for fairness and equal justice before the law, the fact remains: Bill Clinton is the leader of the most powerful nation in the free world. To attack him in the press and talk about him over our coffee breaks is one thing, he stands trial daily, but to put him in court over this matter would be an embarrassment for the United States and black eye to the office of the presidency that may never heal in the eyes of the world, free or otherwise.

We often loathe politicians, but we don’t do so because they are terrible individuals, we do so because they disappoint us, and we do so because we continually see a little of those same weaknesses in ourselves. We want to punish them as humans, but we expect something superhuman of them. This is not so much a disappointment in them as it is a disappointment in ourselves.

Very recently, the Dallas Cowboy’s Michael Irvin was accused, tried in the media, and found guilty by many for something we found out very recently he did not do. We want people to treat us with fairness, but we forget sometimes to treat others in that manner. We forget in the premise that one is innocent until proven guilty.

For years I looked at Richard Nixon as a “crook.” Recently, however, I read a book he wrote, “Beyond Peace,” in reading I realized he was perhaps a great man, at the very least, one with great vision. Nixon knew what he stood for, what the United States stood for, and he knew our place in the world.

What may or may not have happened between President Clinton and Paula Jones does not matter to the world. What happens to a president does matter and has far reaching consequences all over the world.

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