Spencer says funding stalemate is over

Paul Bixby

WIU President Donald Spencer spoke to Student Government Association Tuesday about issues concerning the student body, including state funding.Spencer is hopeful WIU will receive more funds to complete planned projects now that Democrats have gained control of the Illinois House of Representatives.

According to Spencer, when the Republican Party had a Republican Governor and control over the General Assembly, it did not allow the Democrats to participate in the legislative process. The Democrats voted down every bond proposal for the past two years. Bond proposals require 60 percent of the General Assembly. The Republicans only had 51 percent majority in both houses, not enough to pass bonds without Democratic assistance.

“Now that the Republicans no longer have a monopoly over the Illinois government, the stalemate has lifted and bond revenue funds have been opened up,” Spencer said.

“The Democrats seem to be practicing bipartinaism now that they are in control, and I am anticipating being able to complete projects around campus that had to be interrupted or put off due to lack of funds,” he added.

These projects include the renovation of the Simpkins Hall recital hall and the completion of the steam tunnel repairs, which were interrupted two years ago. Spencer also praised SGA for the advances it has made over the past semester.

“When I came to this university four years ago SGA was only concerned with one issue, and I felt somewhat frustrated about that. You ought to be very proud of the fact that you have directed your energy, and student government’s energy, to moving us toward a better university and a more productive one than it has been in the past,” Spencer said.

“This year you seem to be dealing with issues of real substance. You are dealing with the kinds of things the university is about and with issues that will make this a better university in the future,” he added.