‘Necks search for tests; NFL season set to kick off

Marvin Holman

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Thursday the Leathernecks will open their season against Division II St. Cloud State University, another “challenging” opening game.I understand that we must open the season with a win, but at the expense of this poor team? Before anyone says anything, I’ve watched the ‘Necks beat Iowa Wesleyan and Northwestern Oklahoma State universities senseless. I’m just saying that we need competition. Yes, the ‘Necks beat Eastern Illinois University, which was expected to be a very competitive team, 42-0 last year, but at least that team had some talent.

Since this is my last year, I can’t say anything about next year’s opener, but let’s at least get someone from Division I-AA.

MLB: Is McGwire for real?

As he gets closer to breaking the home run record, Mark McGwire is all of a sudden getting flak for taking a supplement that all of the other sports have banned.

I know McGwire plays for the enemy, but I’ll defend him this time. The guy was hitting homers way before this season, and how much contact is there in baseball as compared to the other sports?

Not much if you take away the fights. So let’s stop talking about this and move on.

NFL: Preseason awards

I will now give my preseason awards, starting with my MVP, who will be Barry Sanders.

I think he could break the season rushing record this year, unless he rushes for 53 yards in the first two games.

The Tommy Maddox Award winner will be Neil O’Donnell. Why, you ask?

A., he took the Bengals’ starting job from Jeff Blake without taking a regular season snap, and B., he’s Neil O’Donnell – he will find a way to screw up.

Best team in the NFL: Jacksonville

All the injuries are healed and now they’re ready to go. Worst team: Da Bears. Their non-talent is catching up with them and they’re already on the clock for the first pick of the 1999 draft.

Boxing: Why, Roberto, why?

If there is one thing I hate in boxing, it’s when legendary fighters with nothing to prove continue to step in the ring. An addition to that sad chapter of the sport happened Friday when Roberto Duran was KO’d in the third round by WBA Middleweight Champ William Joppy.

When I was younger, Duran was a fighter who would take your best shot and then destroy you with his “Hands of Stone,” but the Duran I saw Friday was a shell of that man and looked like he couldn’t even block my punches. Duran said after the fight that he will retire, and that’s good because I don’t want any boxer to end with no money and no brain to function with after his career is over.

But even with the loss, Duran gave fans some fights to remember, and for that I will miss him.

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