Involvement helps build professional skills

Matt Bills

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Without a doubt, one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences students can have at WIU is co-curricular involvement. It is called co-curricular because it goes hand-in-hand with the primary reason you are here – to receive an outstanding education and obtain a degree in your respective field. These activities, whether student government, fraternities or sororities, athletics or other student organizations and clubs, complement what you are learning in the classroom. They provide you with a “laboratory” to put into practice your new-found knowledge and ideas.The first and most important reason to get involved is that it complements what you learn in the classroom.

The practical experience gained in a campus organization can also be invaluable in a search for a job or graduate school.

Undoubtedly, a resume with involvement in student organizations will stand out among other applicants.

Second, involvement helps to build needed professional skills. Student activities help to improve time management, decision-making, planning, delegation, group relations and budgeting. All of these skills are needed to be successful in searching for and acquiring a job.

WIU offers you over 200 opportunities to get involved on campus. These groups range from major student organizations to Greek life to those that are sponsored by academic departments. Also, the university offers leadership classes for academic credit and sponsors the Fall Leadership and WISDOM conferences.

The Office of Student Activities, located on the first floor of the University Union, is the place where you can obtain a list and description of many groups on campus and inquire about leadership classes and the Fall Leadership and WISDOM conferences.

I encourage you to get involved in at least one student organization on this campus prior to graduation. The benefits are invaluable.

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