Wise appointed acting associate dean of CAS

Dan Morton

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Dan Wise, professor and chair of the WIU department of geography, has been named to succeed Frank Fulkerson as the acting associate dean in the College of Arts and Sciences effective Aug. 1. Fulkerson stepped down from the position to return to the classroom.”He has been the associate dean for 13 years,” Nick Pano, associate dean of CAS, said. “People do that periodically. They will serve their time in the administration and then return to the classroom.”

Wise said it is only a one-year appointment and that he has a specific duty already planned to accomplish during his tenure.

“I want to review the governance of the faculty in the (College of) Arts and Sciences and the governance of WIU itself,” Wise said. “My job is to see if (CAS) even needs two associate deans or if there may be a need for even more help in the dean’s office.

“It’s the plan for me to look at what the college’s goals are going to be for the next few years,” Wise said.

CAS Dean Phyllis Farley Rippey was unavailable for comment, but said in a press release, “It’s going to be a busy year for Dan. He’s going to help evaluate the administration of the college and help us determine our administrative needs.”

Another duty Wise will assume is acting director of the Institute for Environmental Management.

“Our college has a new minor in environmental studies which will be coordinated by IEM,” Rippey said in a press release. “Dan is a good choice to oversee the IEM in this transition while we conduct an internal search for a new director.”

“I’m looking forward to it. I’ve always enjoyed working with the dean and other faculty,” Wise said.

“He has a great deal of experience, has served as department chair and on a lot of important committees and is a veteran faculty member,” Pano said.

Rippey said that she is glad Wise chose to accept the position of associate dean.

“I’m really pleased Dan accepted this assignment. He is a highly successful scientist and I expect he will be able to foster more active scientific research throughout the college during this transition,” she said in a press release. “It’s vital for us to develop more cross-disciplinary studies and find grants to help us fund these activities. Dan has had good success in obtaining grants. He will be a good mentor for other faculty within the college.

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