SGA working to promote general student welfare

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Students of WIU, today is a great time to be a member of the WIU community. As you might know, 99 years ago this month, Western Normal and Training School was founded. From the original “Main Building,” which was later named Sherman Hall, to the opening of the Student Recreation Center last October, students have been involved in shaping the history of WIU. Now we all have a unique opportunity to help lead the university not only into a new and exciting millennium, but also into its second hundred years of existence. We have the ability to shape a university and write a chapter of history along the way.Our mission at Student Government Association rests on exactly this premise: “to promote the general welfare of students through the representation of their concerns, viewpoints, and interests regarding governance issues to the administration and faculty of our distinguished University. Through this service, SGA will strive to improve the quality of academic and co-curricular experiences at Western Illinois University and provide developmental opportunities for its members.” What does this mean? Well, simply speaking, by listening to and soliciting student input, we work with the administration and faculty to improve student and university life, all the while providing opportunities for our members to grow and develop both personally and professionally.

As we head into our centennial year, there are a number of goals that I have for SGA. First, we have made a commitment to the students to provide quality and reliable transportation. We must ensure that the campus transit system is effectively and efficiently conceived and implemented. Second, we must work with the students to provide the safest campus possible. Three such initiatives include distribution of safety whistles, working to increase lighting on campus and an inaugural safety awareness week, which will be coordinated by our Student Services committee and bureau. Third, soliciting student input is vital to our effectiveness. Again, we will conduct our annual student survey, hold residence hall meetings and a president’s roundtable.

Four, we must work with the academic division of the university to ensure that student concerns and opinions are heard and respected. I have asked our academic bureau and education committee to increase and improve relations with the Faculty Senate. Five, we must improve and enhance our relations with other student organizations to alleviate duplications of effort. By working together with other student groups, we can even more effectively improve the quality of life for students. Finally, we must seek to inform students, administration, faculty and staff about SGA. We must develop new and creative ways to disseminate our information.

SGA and I are excited to work on the students’ behalf.

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