Students get harassing calls

Danny Davis

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She was an ordinary freshman, dealing with her first time away from home. One night she got a call that made her feel uncomfortable.In today’s university atmosphere, students have to deal with obscene callers, insistent callers and practical jokers. Students have even been even written up for their actions on the phone.

“Jane,” a sophomore communication major, has been called every night this week by the same person.

She picks up the phone and the man huffs and puffs on the phone. She hangs up the phone and he calls back.

She has told him time and time again to stop, but he keeps calling.

More female than male students must deal with people that call for perverted reasons. Jane is not the only one.

Rachel West, a freshman business major, was called by a man saying he was Jeremy from the Macomb Fire Department and asked her to press the yellow button on the side of the fire alarm. She pressed it and the alarm went off, disturbing the rooms on her floor.

This was a practical joke, and no one got in trouble.

The university has a plan to stop the phone harassment that occurs on campus. Through the WESTEL phone company, the student can have the harasser reported to the Office of Public Safety and the police (if necessary).

“A student should file a report with the OPS; have the phone call traced out,” Marion Stewart, assistant telecommunication services manager, said.

She added that the student can file a report with the Nuisance Bureau which will investigate and take appropriate action.

For those students who get charged with phone harassment, there is a possibility of court action or referral to the student judicial board for possible dismissal.

According to OPS, the best way for students to deal with harassing phone calls is to change their phone numbers and file a report. Currently WIU has a phone identification system hooked up with OPS.

The student has to click over to another line while the phone conversation is in progress and dial “*99.”

The phone number then goes to the OPS office, where they will keep a record of the caller. These days, there is no need to listen to a harassing phone call or even tolerate it.

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