School participation on the rise

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The turnout for yesterday’s football game was outstanding because there was barely an empty seat in the house. Everyone from alumni to seniors who had never been to a football game attended to cheer on the Leathernecks.However, in some ways it seems like school spirit is a thing of the past on this campus. But maybe this school year will be the year everyone’s interest in school-sponsored events is revived.

For some reason, the turnout for sporting events depends on what team we are playing or whether or not our team is on a winning streak. But that was not the case last night, because the majority turned out to cheer for the ‘Necks and then even participated in the ’70s-night dress.

Leisure suits and bell bottoms were everywhere and the people wearing them were cheering like there was no tomorrow. The crowd’s voices carried so far they could be heard even from in town.

The fans stuck it out through the first half and then didn’t get up and leave for the second half because they were so involved in a game we were sure to win.

School is the one opportunity students have to actually bond together with a common thread and display positive spirit.

Hopefully, WIU students will realize the importance of school spirit and choose to participate in more activities that involve people they normally wouldn’t interact with on campus.

Students are often more preoccupied with their studies, social life and jobs to participate in school activities. If students’ lives were a little less hectic and fast-paced, maybe they would have the time to relax and take in a good football game.

If game one is any indication of how many people will turn out in the future, then WIU is in for a great year. The more fans that turn out, the more games we are sure to win. Sometimes the fans save the day. A little encouragement can go a long way. GO WESTERN!!!!!!!!!!

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