CAGAS impliments new policies for reentering

Shannon Brennan

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Students wishing to reenter WIU after facing academic suspension will now have to face some new policies recently implemented this semester by the Council on Admission, Graduation and Academic Standards.”CAGAS reviews policies of the university concerning probation, suspension, readmission and the grade point averages which students must attain in order to graduate with honors through the university. In addition, we also analyze issues and make recommendations concerning various issues which we’ve been asked to review,” Jim Phillips, chairman of CAGAS, said.

According to page 48 of the WIU Student Handbook, CAGAS is responsible for recommending and evaluating policies concerning admission, retention, graduation and academic standards, and for establishing some of the procedures to carry out such policies. It also serves as an appellate body regarding such policies and procedures.

CAGAS consists of 10 faculty members and one student member, who is appointed at the start of each school year.

In addition, the committee meets weekly during fall and spring semesters and several times throughout the summer session.

Until recently, the policy concerning academic probation and suspension stipulated that students with less than the required 2.0 cumulative GPA be placed on academic probation for the next semester. If they still were unable to attain the required GPA, they were placed on academic suspension in which they could attend summer classes at WIU or sit out one semester.

Upon being placed on academic suspension, students also had the opportunity to submit an appeal to CAGAS explaining any circumstances which might have hampered them from attaining a 2.0 GPA.

“The new policy provides students with an academic warning if they are unable to attain a 2.0 for one semester. Upon being placed on academic warning, students are then placed on academic probation. If they still are unable to attain the required 2.0 GPA, they must be making some sort of academic progress in order to refrain from being placed on academic suspension which they must either sit out of classes from WIU for one semester or attend summer school,” Phillips said.

An obvious difference between the two systems is that the new system contains an academic warning period. In addition, it does not give students the opportunity to appeal the first time they are placed on academic suspension by the university.

“The new system is an improvement over the previous system in that it is more generous when students go below the required 2.0 GPA.

By requiring students to bring their GPA up the next semester, we were asking too much too fast, it takes students longer to attain the required GPA,” Phillips said.

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