Library gets new on-line catalog

Heather Esrig

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As of Aug. 18, the University Library received a new on-line catalog, but the new system is still called ILLINET On-line.”It is a great system for everyone. For the beginners it is easier to use, and for the advanced it has more power,” John Stierman, library reference worker, said.

With this new system, students can still search by author, title and subject, but now can also have access to the added sophistication of limiting by language or date and performing advanced keyword searches.

Also with the updated version, students can simultaneously search multiple fields such as content, publisher and subject notes, among others, which is brand new to the system.

Looking at personal accounts to determine what is checked out and what is requested is another new feature.

Students are now able to renew items on-line, which was unavailable with the older system. The requesting of books from other Illinois libraries, which will not be charged to students’ account until they pick up the books, has become much easier since the revised system has replaced the older one.

Viewing on-line whether students have any outstanding fines is another new feature. Students can also cut and paste citations into documents and biographies, along with e-mailing citations to themselves.

“It has a lot of new features and will eventually become a Web site,” Jeanne Stierman, library reference worker, said. “It will just take a little time to get used to since we just received the system in August.”

“The new system is much better and greatly improved,” Jeanne Stierman said.

“This is a transitionary program. We are using the same company, but this time the system has many enhancements.”

Students are able to access the catalog through the Internet, Telnet direct and Dial-up.

To access through the Internet from the University Library homepage (, click ILLINET Library Catalog, then click Connect to ILLINET On-line.

From the Telnet direct, go to Telnet then to To access through Dial-Up, call (877) DIAL-ILL.

Users may connect at any speed, and parity and word length settings can be flexible. For more information, contact the University Library Reference Desk at (309) 298-2700. Students may also access the above information from Netscape at

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