SGA announces student fees increase for fiscal year 2000

Heather Esrig

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At last night’s Student Government Association meeting, it was announced that there will be a 6.19 percent increase in fees for the fiscal year 2000.Two guest speakers, Gary Johnson, vice president of Student Activities, and Al Harris, director of the University Union, were present. They said there will be no increases in tuition, however, for next school year.

“We are in a state of transition,” Johnson said. “For the next three years, we will be reviewing the returning students and the new incoming students as separate groups as terms of how we review and look at the fee issue.

“When we put the tuition and fees together, we get a 1.65 percent total increase, which is a significant decrease than it has been in the past years,” Johnson added.

When asked which fees will increase, Harris said, “Some are still up in the air, such as (those for) grad students and those (for) out-of-state (students).”

“Western is doing something that no one else is even willing to try,” Johnson added.

SGA received four new pieces of legislation, but two of the four were stressed: SGA Bill 1998-99.1 and SGA Bill 1998-99.2.

The SGA Bill 1998-99.1 discussed how WIU uses Social Security numbers as student identification numbers, and how it should be using a new method of selecting student identification numbers.

“It is very dangerous,” Kelly Daniels, Senator-at-Large, said.

“There is potential to break away from the university files and get into financial records,” Senator Woody Christy added. “That is what we should be afraid of.”

This was the first reading of the amendment, which then was waived to a second reading. It failed to pass when voted on, however.

SGA President Matt Bills said, “I urge to vote it down to make it easier to get a new number rather than force new numbers upon the students.”

The SGA Bill 1998-99.2 talked about how WIU policy allows students to withdraw from classes without any academic penalty for nine weeks into the semester.

It was suggested that the WIU withdrawal date be extended to the end of the tenth week of the semester. Discussion was closed and voting will be at the next meeting.

In the Student Services report, it was stated that whistle distribution has gone well and 1,000 more are to be issued so that every female student will receive one in a week or two.

On the Corbin/Olson crosswalk project, the report was that the cost was too much but a pedestrian sign will be erected.

Also in Student Services news, Oct. 19 through 22 will be Safety Week.

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