She Said: Infidelity

Dana Evert

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If there is anything I will never understand, it is cheating. I can understand that in immature relationships, like the ones found on college campuses, other people’s feelings are usually not a priority – hormones are. The reason why I will never understand cheating is simple. I see no need for this action if some lines of communication are open, along with the common courtesy that should be given to every individual.

In relationships, a common ground of friendship and trust is usually there. If this is the case, then why wouldn’t you just break up with your significant other and get your groove on afterward? Obviously, if you are thinking of someone other than your present partner, your relationship is not very solid.

The most obvious thing to do is end the relationship. This is a simple solution to a common problem found in more than a few college relationships. Being dumped is a lot less painful than finding out that your boyfriend has been with a different girl from each sorority and a few from the theater club. I have noticed most of the people I know who have cheated are men.

Why is this? I have asked a couple of guys why they have cheated, but not one will give me an honest answer. I figure, if you are man enough to make the choice, you should be man enough to admit why. This leads me to draw my own conclusions.

Maybe it is lack of self-control. Or some men might just lack willpower. Better yet, maybe they have lost respect for people’s feelings. Maybe that was a harsh statement. After all, that makes these men look heartless. Maybe they are just selfish.

Could it be that they don’t think of their significant others? These are the people who deny they did anything wrong. What is so hard to understand? DO NOT CHEAT. Deal with the problems you have in the relationship or get out. I am sick of hearing these pathetic excuses that guys come up with. So maybe I am sounding a little unreasonable and not giving enough credit to the guys. Maybe guys are just better at getting what they want.

Maybe girls should stop being so passive. I guess the bottom line is respect. Either you have it or you don’t, and if you don’t, get some. sf cw rb ps