Monica’s after the bucks

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The latest headlines in the news report that Oprah Winfrey talked to Monica Lewinsky’s people about doing an interview with her and Lewinsky wanted to know what was in it for her. Lewinsky wanted $1 million for the interview. Once she received word of the demand, Oprah said she no longer wanted her to do the show, because she doesn’t pay people to be guests on her show and is not about to start. Roseanne Barr said she would be willing to pay Lewinsky whatever it would take, because she’s not a real journalist.

Has Lewinsky stooped so low to accept money from Roseanne to do a show that will probably only consist of humorous anecdotes about the president?

Lewinsky has been claiming to be the victim of a destructive relationship with Clinton; now she turns around and tries to milk everything she can from the affair.

There has also been talk about TV movies, books and even advertising for Cuban Cigars, all so that Lewinsky can make big money – enough to take care of her for the rest of her life.

Is this the same Lewinsky that has been wishing all along that her life get back to normal? One’s life can hardly go back to normal if you insist on telling your story a million times without any regard for dignity or privacy.

Lewinsky may not have been in control of the situation when this whole thing first started, but she has sure taken over the wheel and is dictating to the American people what she wants them to know.

The American people are the ones that have been hurt by this whole ordeal, both morally and financially – not Lewinsky. Maybe the proceeds of her book deals and interviews should go toward paying for Ken Starr’s investigation and all the taxpayers’ money that has been spent to prove who knows what.

Maybe Lewinsky needs to get her priorities straight and concern herself with more important things than money.

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