Moceanu’s declaration of adulthood will pay off in future

Earlier this week, a judge declared 17-year-old Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu a legal adult. Moceanu filed a lawsuit against her parents so she could control what remains of her fortune. She claimed in the lawsuit that her father was squandering her trust fund and that her earnings bankrolled a $4 million gym in Dominique’s name, without her consent.

Her parents claimed it was in her best interest. Moceanu said she would like her earnings under her control so she will have complete knowledge of how the money is being spent.

Moceanu, who was born in Los Angeles, moved with her parents to Houston in 1990 so she could train with legendary coach Bela Karolyi, who is now retired from elite coaching. At the age of 14, Moceanu was the youngest member of the 1996 U.S. Olympic team.

Moceanu has obviously been able to excel in the sport that she has known all her life. During the trial, she said from now on she wants to participate in gymnastics because she loves it, not because her parents are pushing her to.

She is already planning to compete in the World Championships next year and hopes to be a part of the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Demanding to be declared a legal adult isn’t a small request. Moceanu has handled herself in a very mature manner, and also was able to convince the judge that she is capable of making adult decisions when it comes to her life and finances.

Moceanu’s request to be declared a legal adult was a smart move on her part. In her seven year career, it’s apparent she was allowed very little knowledge about her finances.

Moceanu’s dedication and success in gymnastics is sure to reap her substantial rewards in the future. Her decision to get her life in order will likewise have a phenomenal effect on her future as a whole.