BSA events provide laughs for students

Danny Davis and Shauna Allen

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Lil’ Bo P performs at Fashion Comedy Style Saturday night in the Union.-Mark Kennedy/Photo EditorThis weekend the Black Student Association sponsored the Groovejam and Fashion Comedy Style. The events were co-sponsored by Midcoast Entertainment Incorporated and were held in the University Union.

“I thinks it’s going to be really funny. I think it’s going to be something people come out for,” Lisa Hall, newly-crowned Homecoming queen, said before the shows.

Fashion Comedy Style has been doing stand-up comedy mixed with premiere fashion designers since 1984. Gus Sanford, CEO of MEI and a WIU alumnus, was there as well.

Sanford has been bringing entertainment to WIU since 1992. With his motto, “Trust in Gus,” he got in contact with the Fashion Comedy Style production and brought it to WIU.

The comedy show showcased five comedians from BET’s Comic View, Def Comedy Jam and Uptown Comedy club. Hosted by Monteria Ivey of Uptown Comedy Club and Lil’ Bo P of BET’s Comic View, the show also displayed the newest fashions in urban gear. “We are the Milan, Italy, of Comedy,” Lil’ Bo P said.

Joking around backstage, another comedian gave another reason for the show.

“I feel it’s a great chance to wear free clothes,” DeRay of BET’s Comic View said.

The fashion show featured clothes from names like Alpha Baili, Marco Hall, Infinity, Black Butta and Naughty Gear.

One designer, Alpha Baili, is from the Chicago area. His suits, which range in price from $450 to $900, were modeled by his fiance, Tanya Pearson. “It gives different flavors – hip-hop, after five, sexy, evening and formal – the designs are all different,” Pearson said.

Another designer present was Marco Hall, whose clothes must be special ordered from New Jersey. He has been working with Tina Graham on Fashion Comedy Style every year.

“It’s all about the body and people being secure with themselves. It’s for the person who wants to be different,” Hall said.

The comedy show was full of laughter as Kool Bubba Ice did a segment on how R&B songs are remixed. His renditions of rap artists had the crowd on their feet.

The comedians made the crowd participate in the show by having Maggie Coles, social chair of BSA, get up on stage with Mugga Shang.

The comedians involved in the show were Deray, Shang (who also modeled), Kool Bubba Ice, Dominique, Lil Bo P, Mike Bonner and Ivey. “I think it went very well. I think we brought variety to WIU; we worked very hard to bring fashion to Illinois,” Sanford said.

On Friday, the Groovejam displayed the talents of the deejays. They spun the records and blasted hip-hop, R&B and Chicago house.

“I think it’s pretty good they came down here. What we need is humor amongst these people. All this fighting going on, we need this. Going to the Pace every Thursday ain’t making it,” Ant Collins, junior physical education major, said.

For more information on how to get in touch with the clothing designers or the MEI, contact the BSA office at (309) 298-3255. sf ps cw

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