Democrats go against the flow

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President Clinton’s tenure in the White House may be coming to an end if the House of Representatives have their way.In a 258 to 176 vote, the House decided to begin impeachment proceedings on Clinton Thursday.

The Judiciary Committee will likely set up hearings, which could begin after the November elections, against Clinton on allegations of perjury and obstruction of justice.

The outcome of whether or not the House would try to impeach Clinton wasn’t a real surprise.

What was on everybody’s mind was how many of Clinton’s colleagues on the Democratic side would favor the Republican’s decision to impeach him.

Only 31 Democrats went against Clinton and sided with the Republicans in calling for his impeachment. Ironically, with next month’s elections approaching, 25 out of the 31 Democrats who favored impeachment are up for re-election.

It seems the party lines have been drawn as to who are Clinton’s loyal supporters. Political analysts estimated up to 100 Democrats might have been inclined to favor the Republican’s effort to get Clinton out of the Oval Office.

Members of Clinton’s party believed the House were trying to seek Democratic defectors to support them in an attempt to erase the results of the 1996 elections.

Some Democrats who voted with the House believe Clinton should be removed from office immediately for lying about his affair.

In addition, there were probably a few Democrats in support of Clinton who decided not to risk losing their seats in November by voting against the House. Regardless, it’s not a win-win situation for Clinton, whose job is very much in jeopardy.