Spirit in the Sky holds fashion show

Dana Evert

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Spirit in the Sky, 924 W. Jackson St., has been solely owned by Celene Cross for the past five years. Cross worked off an impulsive decision, inspired by retail shops in the Twin Cities and Venice Beach, and created what the WIU community knows as one of the funkiest shops in Macomb. Cross named her store after the song, “Spirit in the Sky.” Its unique name fits this store that stands alone in this town. Spirit in the Sky reminds me of stores that are commonly found in Chicago.What can you find in Spirit in the Sky?

A wide range of clothes such as: contemporary – casual, retro and military attire are some of the array of clothes that can be bought at reasonable prices. This is the best part of the store; it can satisfy almost any customer and not drain college kids’ wallets. Do not underestimate the Spirit in the Sky – most of these items can be worn every day of the year. Costumes are also a large part of the store. These can purchased or rented, with prices that range anywhere from $10 to $20. Cross has added something new this year – reservations.

Yes, that’s right. You can go to Spirit in the Sky and put your Halloween costume on reserve today. Items such as hemp, oils, and incense are also sold. Spirit in the Sky recently put on its third annual fashion show to kick off her fashions and costumes. “Clothes from the Crypt” was at Top of the Town Tuesday night, with a mere $3 cover charge

. The event was an alcohol-free, welcoming all ages. The fashion show took about two to three weeks for which to prepare. Cross worked with some of the volunteer models to make this fashion show a hit. Models such as Tiffany Stewart and Sarah Haney got their chance to strut their stuff for a great cause: the Chad Stovall Tourette’s Syndrome Memorial Fund.

Stovall was a supporter of the previous fashion shows who apparently died in a canoeing accident this past year. As I entered Top of the Town, I hardly recognized the place. The mood was set with Halloween decorations and scary music.

About 100 people showed up for “Clothes from the Crypt,” and I must say I have never seen such a random group of people. There were adults, children and teen-agers of every walk of fashion. I could not believe that a fashion show could bring so many different people together. As the show began, the intense feeling that surrounded the room was exciting.

The music started and away they went. I have never seen models with such enthusiasm; you could tell they were having fun. DJs Chaz and special guest were also getting into the mood that the models were setting for the audience. A carefree environment made this fashion show most enjoyable to watch.

The clothes modeled were great. Casual wear, as well as decade clothing, were included. The greasers, flappers and flower children were all out to enjoy the show.

I can’t forget about the costumes. Bugs Bunny, Cookie Monster, Little Red Riding Hood and that Big Bad Wolf were just some of the costumes that were on display. I can’t tell you how much fun I had and how well-organized “Clothes from the Crypt” was.

I would have paid $10 to get in. What makes this so much more satisfying was the cause. “Clothes from the Crypt” was in memory of Stovall, who helped push to make this fashion show a tradition.

If you are interested in making a donation to the Chad Stovall Tourette’s Syndrome Memorial Fund, you can contact Spirit in the Sky at (309) 836-6200 or the First Christian Church at (309) 837-6473. Let’s hope that we all get the chance to help Cross out next year. sf cw