Gore’s voters want security that Bush will do what’s needed

The long road to the White House is finally drawing to an end. There is no question that Jan. 20, George W. Bush will take the reigns of this great nation and lead us into the new millennium. But, many Americans are still left to wonder in what direction will he lead us.During his celebratory speech, President-elect Bush reminded us that “The president of the United States is the president of every single American, of every race and background,” he said.

“Whether you voted for me or not, I will do my best to serve your interests, and I will work to earn your respect.”

This will be a tall order after nearly five weeks of legal and political turmoil in an election where the president was unable to garner the majority of the popular vote.

The daunting task is compounded even further in light of the Republicans’ slim majority in the House of Representatives and 50-50 split in the Senate. In this election, even the U.S. Supreme Court was unable to speak unanimously concerning the message sent by the voters.

In order for America to move forward, Bush must rally the people under a banner of unity, a banner that must include all Americans, despite their race or party affiliations.

Polls taken following the election show that Bush was only able to bring in about 12 percent of the minority votes. This is a strong message that the road ahead will be long and arduous.

Throughout the election, Bush declared that he was the man to unite the country, citing his record in the diverse state of Texas. While everything may be bigger in Texas, Bush’s handling of America will truly prove what the man is made of.

As Bush’s appointments to key Cabinet positions have included several highly qualified minority leaders, there is hope that the many diverse facets of America will be represented in the new administration.

The inclusion of minorities in the Cabinet is a good and noble attempt toward the unification of this divided nation. This first step should be seen as what it is – a small step. From here the president must continue to work toward making the voice of all Americans heard loud and clear.