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Courier columns should have insight, not confusing babble

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Editor’s note – The following letter is in response to columns written by Jason Tanamor, which appear in issues of the Courier.OK, I have to admit that I feel that I must speak out regarding a situation that might make WIU look foolish in the eyes of a visitor and that of the community.

The problem I speak of is publication of articles that seem pointless or, frankly, a little ridiculous. My case in point is the articles published in the opinion section of the Western Courier by a columnist named Jason Tanamor.

The first article I read from this individual involved the title of “Cloning and Boy Bands.”

Jason began talking about how scientists in England had cloned a sheep and called it Dolly.

Jason made a huge jump into the realm of music and compared this magnificent and unprecedented historical event with the creation of a boy band called O-Town.

Jason went on to describe how Lou Pearlman had created O-Town based on a formula of success that made the BackStreet Boys and ‘N Sync such a hit. Jason went from jumping back and forth between O-Town and the cloning of this sheep in England. In reality, these two issues really have nothing to do with each other.

He then ends the article with an incredibly foolish pun that only makes himself look like he’s “out to lunch”: “It’s only a matter of time before the public grows ‘udderly’ tired of boy bands.” I know he meant to make another connection to the sheep, but an udder is part of a cow, not of a sheep.

Jason’s recent publication is not as bad as this earlier one, but I still have to ask myself, “Why did they bother to publish this?” Jason’s article entitled, “The real story of where socks go,” is also ridiculous and is a waste of published printed paper. Jason goes on in this story to explain that missing socks run off and join the circus. There is no point of running this story. Yes, I say story because that’s all it is, a story that he made up. It’s not even an entertaining story to start with. When I was done reading this story I thought, “Well, there’s a few minutes of my time I will never get back.”

Here’s an interesting point to think about: How does this reflect on our student paper’s reputation? I personally would not like to see this become a common example of the rest of the fine contributing writing staff. What is the Courier hoping to accomplish by the printing of this type of nonsense? If things are to be printed, then they should be well thought-out, researched, intelligent pieces of writing – either opinion-based, or editorials, whatever you like. I don’t want people from the community thinking I come from a university where people who are given their first real chance to publish articles don’t even measure up to an amateurish level of writing skills. Please, edit these things for quality and substance before you allow them to be printed.

– Brian Burke

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Courier columns should have insight, not confusing babble