Zen Feat in Macomb this Friday


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Press Release:Zen Feat will be touring the mid-west to support their debut album.

This weekend Zen Feat will make their stop in Macomb Illinois to

play the Macomb “Bar hope” at The Caf. Zen Feat have been doing

a lot of work with college media all over the country, and we are

wondering if a writer fro the Western Courier would take time from

their busy schedule to hear the sounds of Zen Feat. Media is the

way to expose the arts and if the Western Courier does interviews,

concert reviews, or CD reviews for up and coming artists in the

region, Zen Feat would be more than interested in organizing time to

sit and talk with a writer this Friday before or after the show. If any

writers/editors from the Western Courier would be interested please

email or call me so I can make the necessary means to allow all who

come to be on the guest list and attend the show free of charge.

Otherwise the door cover is $3. Thanks you so much for your time,

and I hope Western Courier will help us promote what we believe in

so much, the music.

Zen Feat. The Caf. 8 W. Side Square. 10 – 1am. $3.

Aaron Williams



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