Courier Staff Need Some Help

Once again the Western Courier sports department drops the ball. The Female AOY award and honorable mentions this year were given out and arguably the best athlete to EVER attend WIU was left out. Who could the Western Courier forget about? Last years Western Courier AOY, Aubrey Martin Not only did she have a fantastic year last year finishing 6th at the NCAA Outdoor Championships in the shot put, but also finished 7th at the U.S. Olympic Trials(both after the WC chose her as AOY). This year she followed up by placing 6th at the NCAA Indoor Championships. Aubrey qualified for Indoor Nationals last year but did not throw far enough to attend the meet. She set a new conference record in the indoor shot put as well. She was conference champ in the #20 weight throw as well as the shot put for the second time in her career. Aubrey is a 2-time NCAA ALL-American, 2003 Junior National All-American , and a United States Track and Field All-American after her performance at the 2004 U.S. Olympic Trials. I’m not saying that the other women are not deserving of the AOY award or Honorable Mentions but Aubrey is at least deserves a mention. The women recognized definately need to be recognized but leaving Aubrey off the list is just ridiculous.

In my time here at Western the courier has reported that I have thrown the shot put 162′ my sophomore year (world record is 75’10 1/4″), A western pole vaulter vaulted 42′ at Iowa two years ago(World Record is just over 20′), and that this year I may miss the rest of my senior season for some unknown reason. I never said that i was going to miss most of the season and neither did the coaching staff but the WC decided to print that i was. Earlier this year the Courier reported that a basketball player had suffered several concusions during practice and could be missing an upcoming game. This would be a nice scoop of a story had it happened, but it didn’t. Trust me I talked to the basketball player and hes never had a concusion. In the future i hope that the Western Couier would spend a little more time and effort to get their facts straight about what they’re reporting. As athletes we do appreciate it when our team is written about in the paper, but please take the time to make sure that what your reporting is correct. Otherwise you just make yourselves and the WC look stupid.

-Robert J. Pfrank-